how to sneak drugs into festivals, elf bar

Psst, here’s how to use an Elf Bar to sneak drugs into a festival

‘As long as you don’t like doing enough to kill a rhino, you will be able to fit whatever you need in’


End of year exams are over and for lots of students that means one thing – it’s festival season. Rather than worry about Vaseline and cling film, whether to hide your drugs in the sole of your shoe, between your legs or somewhere more unsavoury, there’s a far simpler option for how to sneak things into your summer festival.

Because hidden in plain sight, and in the pocket of seemingly every student, is an Elf Bar.

So when you reach the front of the queue to enter your favourite festival this summer and are duly frisked by a surly security guard, you can innocently empty your pockets and know you’ve found a foolproof way to sneak drugs into a festival.

Don’t believe us? We spoke to students who have perfected the method of using an Elf Bar to sneak drugs into festivals, to give you a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Hit the shops

how to sneak drugs into festivals, elf bar

Slightly stating the obvious, but this tutorial does involve you going to your local off-license and forking out £6 on an Elf Bar.

Alternatively, if you still have one lying about from your chain-vaping revision sessions in the library last month, that will also work.

Far more importantly, you also need to visit your local hardware shop and purchase a pair of small pliers.

Step 2: Opening up your Elf Bar

Next, you need to open up your Elf Bar, using your pliers to ease off the top end of the vape.

“This is so much easier than you think”, Molly*, a third year student says.

“I have mates who have used their teeth to open the top but it leaves bite marks that security guards might notice.”

Step 3: Making space inside

Gently turn the Elf Bar upside down and tap it against a surface. This will dislodge the vape-juice soaked cotton which is what is going to make space inside the vape.

Underneath the cotton and at the very bottom of the Elf Bar is the battery. Charlie* explains why it’s important to leave that inside.

“The reason why this method works so effectively is the weight of the Elf Bar is almost identical.

“The battery is what gives the Elf Bar almost all of its weight so by taking out the cotton and replacing it with your stash, it’s very difficult for security to feel the difference between a tampered and untampered Elf Bar.”

Step 4: Filling your Elf Bar

You want to flatten out your baggie so you can then roll it up so it fits easily inside the Elf Bar.

It’s as simple as just pushing the black lid back on top afterwards. Because you’ve loosened the lid when you first took it off, you won’t need to use pliers to open it afterwards.

how to sneak drugs into festivals, elf bar

Staged with flour

Just how much can you fit inside?

Having recently attended a big day festival, Charlie told us “there was more than enough space” to fit in everything he needed to enjoy the end-of-exam celebration.

“As long as you don’t like doing enough ket to kill a rhino, you will be able to fit whatever you need in.”

how to sneak drugs into festivals, elf bar

When we tested Charlie’s theory, we found that you could easily fit a gram of the finest 100 per cent British wheat plain flour into an Elf Bar. We imagine you’d have similar luck with a Columbian equivalent.

Information on how you can get your drugs tested can be found at The Loop’s website.  Other sites like Pill Report offer home-testing kits and information about drugs in circulation.

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*Names have been changed