Right, this is how many people Eleven has *actually* killed in Stranger Things

Not being funny but I think she’s got a slight problem


Eleven from Stranger Things is an absolute savage and we love her for it. In no other show would fans love a character who killed as much as she did. Seriously, can you actually count how many people she’s murdered? Because I’ve counted and it is: a lot. Here’s a rundown of how many people Eleven has killed all the way from season one to Stranger Things four volume one.

Eleven killed 13 people in season one

Okay so her murder spree started off with a tame telekinetic killing of two agents in Hawkins lab back in season one. Then she killed another two agents at the same time by telekinetically breaking their necks and backs in Hawkins lab. Eleven then switched things up for her next two agent killings because she telekinetically lobbed a van at them.

Eleven also killed Connie Frazier in season one by crushing her brain with her telekinetic powers. At the same time as this murder, Eleven also killed five more agents the same way.

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Finally she killed a Demogorgon which I know isn’t a person but for the sake of this we’ll go with it. It’s safe to say Eleven was a bit unhinged in season one.

She killed roughly 28 Upside Down creatures in season two

Eleven starts off season two by telekinetically throwing a squirrel against a tree and killing it. But to be fair, she doesn’t kill anything else until episode eight which is tame for her. Don’t worry though, she makes up for it.

In episode eight she attacks a Demodog and it dies. Then she kills one D’Artagnan and more than 25 Demodogs by closing the gate.

Eleven only kills four people in season three

Okay so it takes her around seven episodes but she finally gives in and telekinetically throws a car at Russian soldiers.

She kills three guards in Stranger Things four volume one

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During the Nina Project in episode five, Eleven telekinetically slams three guards against a roof and kills them. We’re not sure what volume two has in store yet but we can only hope and pray for Vecna being killed off.

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