Hear me out: Boris Johnson staying as Prime Minister is the best thing for this country

If you want the Tories booted out at the next election, he needs to stay until then

Boris Johnson is crumbling. On Friday, the Tories lost two more seats at by-elections.  The Conservative party chairman, Oliver Dowden, stepped down telling Boris “someone must take responsibility” in his resignation letter. The recent no-confidence vote showed us 40 per cent of his MPs want him gone. A recent poll found only just over a quarter of the country thinks he makes a good Prime Minister.

And yet, if you want nothing more than to see the Tories kicked out of power for the first time in 12 years, he needs to stay.

The biggest asset to the Labour Party right now is not Keir Starmer, whose own cabinet have admitted to calling him boring. It’s certainly not its policies – does anyone understand what Labour’s position on the rail strikes is? Or the Rwanda immigration policy for that matter?? What unites voters from “red wall” seats in northern England to farming communities in the south west is they all want Boris Johnson out.

They can see right through him. The house of cards is crumbling but the most important thing to do is to keep the house up for now. Let him keep going. Let him run the Tory party into the ground as he simultaneously creates crises and fails to put them out at the same time.

Despite by-election defeats, Labour still needs to overturn a 77-seat majority at the next election. The only way that’s going to happen is if it’s against the bumbling, blonde-headed mop that is Boris Johnson.

You might be thinking, but hang on. We have a cost of living crisis now. We have a Tory party many people say continues to neglect the NHS, poverty, the environment, political freedoms. And these are all real problems that are happening now. The sooner we can get rid of Boris Johnson – the better.

However, the truth is, Boris Johnson resigning now won’t change any of those issues. The Tories are a party of self-correction. David Cameron was perceived as too smooth and slick, so he was replaced by Theresa May who was “strong and stable”. When she was perceived to lack charisma, they chose Boris Johnson. If Boris is forced to resign, he’s going to be replaced by the opposite of him. Look at who’s being lined up as his potential successors.

Jeremy Hunt and Penny Mourdaunt are the bookies favourites. Behind them are ex-military Tom Tugendhat and Ben Wallace. If Boris goes before the next election, we are going to get a “safe pair of hands”. No frills. No controversy. Sensible and statesmanlike, Labour might gain seats at the next election but the Tories won’t lose 77. And so, we’d be looking at another five years of Tory government.

For Labour to win the next election, let Boris Johnson continue to be Boris Johnson. Let the Tory party descend into civil war. He is a captain going down on a sinking ship and we should not be encouraging a different captain to potentially save that ship.

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