wtf is wrong with you quiz

This quiz will tell you *exactly* WTF is wrong with you

Answer: Everything

Ever wondered WTF is actually wrong with you? Sure friends, teachers, exes, maybe even your parents have shared what they think are your worst qualities. But now you can have a definitive answer and your personality torn to shreds with the latest quiz that’s going viral.

The internet is full of personality quizzes. There was the anger test, which told you what type of angry you are, the innocence test, which said how innocent you are, and the “am I normal?” quiz which actually tells you how attractive you are.

The latest one everyone is trying out is the “WTF is wrong with you” quiz. The quiz was created by user deerkings on uQuiz, a free online quiz making platform, and after answering 11 completely random questions you will be told explicitly what is wrong with you, I’m cripplingly lonely if anyone is interested.

The questions ask you things such as which celebrity you’d rather kill – Kylie Jenner or Jeff Bezos, what you’d have to keep you company if you were immortal, and which of the quiz creator’s chickens you’d pick.

Once you’ve answered all 11 questions you will be given an answer that explains what’s wrong with you, along with a sentence explaining it in detail. Some of the options are crippling loneliness, spending all your formative years online, and gifted kid burnout.

People on Twitter have been sharing their answers to the quiz and honestly there is such a variety to what is wrong with everyone. Many people said they got the result “buzzkill” and others had “victim complex” which comes with the savage explanation “get your head out of your ass and stop crying all the time”.

Still want to take the quiz? Then this is how to find out exactly WTF is wrong with you:

1. Head to this uQuiz link to take the quiz

2. Enter your name

3. Answer all the questions

4. Get your answer, cry and call your therapist

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