This soul destroying website will tell you how ugly you are and what age you’re going to die at

It turns out I am 100 per cent hotter than the Spice Girls x

Ever wondered how ugly you are? Do you find yourself yearning for those days in secondary school when all you’d have to do is like someone’s Facebook status for a rating out of ten? Do you mourn that quick fix of validation, or, if you were considered ugly, a quick soul destroying moment when you got rated less than six? Well people on TikTok have found a website called ‘Am I normal?’ which will tell you exactly what the site is asking.

What does the website tell me?

The website analyses how attractive you are as well as determining your age, gender, BMI, where you’re from and how long you can expect to live for. It has the same energy as when your Wii Fit used to say to you that you were obese at the age of nine. But instead it’s 20-year-old you being told you have 61 years left to live. Good times.

All of these things then add up to your final result. Ultimately the website aims to tell you how “normal” you are. I got 42 per cent normal and “pretty strange, in a sexy way”.

How normal are you quiz

Not sure how I feel about this tbh

But how do I do the test to see if I’m ugly or not?

So, you weren’t put off at the prospect of receiving a reality check of damning that it would ruin your entire week? Yeah, me neither. Here’s how you do it:

Click here to go through the personality quiz.

• Scroll down a little bit and click “start the show”.

• Go through all of the questions which have been scientifically crafted to tell you how normal you are.

And that’s how it’s done. It might take you three minutes or so but what’s three minutes compared to an entire day ruined because a website called you clapped? It’s all in the name of science anyway.

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