tiktok colour personality test

This TikTok test tells you exactly which colour resembles your personality

And there’s science behind it

Another day, another TikTok test to tell you something you likely knew about yourself all along – and this week is the turn of the TikTok colour personality test. You already knew that you’re an absolute legend from the TikTok innocence test, you’ve been given a rather offensive percentage of how attractive you are with the pretty scale test, but now you can have your whole personality encompassed with just a singular colour!

The whole concept is pretty simple, but where do you find the test in the first place? Is there any science behind a colour representing your personality? Here’s how to do the TikTok colour personality test.

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How do I take the TikTok colour personality test?

Okay, so you’re already planning how much it’s going to cost to paint your bedroom walls with your personality colour, but how do you actually take the test? Well, it’s pretty simple:


  • Answer the twelve questions when prompted – amongst them will be questions about your mates and general lifestyle habits


  • Then, almost as if by magic, the website will pick you the colour that matches your personality most closely. Beware though, it’s also going to give you some “constructive feedback”, so look forward to that.

But anyway, what does some stupid colour personality test from TikTok tell us anything about ourselves that we didn’t already know? Well, as it turns out, the test is based upon a genuine scientific personality test.

Hashtag Hyena writes that the test is based upon a very real personality profiling system from 1978 that was designed to categorise at-risk children. So yeah, it may be a little more scientific than you initially thought.

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