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This TikTok test will tell you exactly how angry you are

I’m not angry, I’m expressive

Ever since TikTok first came out people on the app have been sharing a variety of personality tests. There’s been the “Am I normal?” test which tells you how attractive you are. We’ve had the “innocence test” which of course tells you how innocent you actually are and there’s been the “colour personality test” which matches a colour with your personality. And now TikTokers are sharing just how angry they apparently are with the “multidimensional anger test”.

Over night it seems people are sharing the results of their anger tests on TikTok with many people saying they are angrier than the majority of the population. The top viewed anger test TikTok has over 600,000 views which was posted by user “e._sm” six days ago. Ever since she posted the TikTok everyone has been sharing their results too.

@e._sm I didn’t expect that😬#angertest ♬ ЛАНДЫШИИИ – _ Эри крутили олени на рогах_

So what exactly is this test? Well the anger test on Idrlabs.com is meant to “map your experience of anger along multiple empirical dimensions” by testing your susceptibly to anger. You are given 38 statements and then you select how much you agree or disagree with each statement. And then it tells you how externally and internally angry you are, as well as revealing how “hostile” your outlook on life is. Yikes.

The test is based on the work of psychologist Dr. Judith M. Siegel but is not directly created by Siegel. Though Siegel’s own work has high validity and test-retest ability, this is not the test on TikTok. So basically take your results with a pinch of salt.

This is how to access the TikTok multidimensional anger test:

1. Head to this website

2. Follow the steps provided

3. Show off just how angry you are with a screenshot of your results on TikTok if you’re so inclined

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