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The nine best Wordle alternatives because one game a day is simply not enough

Ok Quordle is ridiculously difficult

Wordle is probably the only good thing to have happened in 2022. The game is so simple yet absolutely addictive. All you’re doing is guessing the five letter word of the day and yet the internet is collectively hooked. However the one big drawback to Wordle is you are only given one word a day and then you have to wait until the game resets at midnight for the next day’s Wordle.

Obviously for the majority of us who grew up in the internet age of everything being available instantly, this archaic system of one word a day is simply agonising. I want to play Wordle an unlimited amount of times and so does everyone else, which has caused a bunch of Wordle alternatives to pop up.

There are Wordle alternatives which are essentially the same game just on a different website. However there’s also creators who have taken the Wordle concept but instead of guessing words you’re working out country shapes or equations. The majority of them are as equally addictive as the original and now you have something to fill the Wordle shaped hole in your day.

These are the nine best Wordle alternatives:

1. Lewdle

This game is exactly like Wordle but with one key difference, all the words are rude. Yes rude as in the words you used to scrawl in the toilets at school.

Example words are things like “titty” and “dicks”. It uses the exact same system of green, orange and grey letters to let you know which letters are correct.

Over 4 million people are playing Lewdle and if you’re a frequent user of swear words then this game should be no trouble for you. It will also let you know if your word isn’t rude enough and not part of their “dicktionary”.

2. Nerdle

As the name, Nerdle, suggests this one is strictly for nerds, and who is the nerdiest in society? People who love maths of course.

Rather than guessing a word you’re guessing a calculation. The colour codes are a little different. Green means the number or symbol is correct and in the right place, purple means it’s in the calculation but not in the right spot and black means it’s not in the calculation at all.

3. Worldle

If you aced your geography GCSE then get ready because Worldle is about guessing the country based on its silhouette.

You get six guesses and after each guess you are told the distance, direction and percentage correct your guess is from the actual country.

It’s also super helpful as it gives you a list of all countries as you begin to type so you’re not scratching your head to remember the world map.

4. Word Master

Word Master is exactly like Wordle except it has a different aesthetic vibe and you can play an unlimited amount of times  a day.

5. Taylordle

I won’t lie I am completely biased in saying Taylordle is probably the best of the Wordle alternatives.

Taylordle is the same concept as Wordle but the words are specific to our Lord and Saviour Taylor Swift. You get one word a day and the colour coding is exactly the same.

6. Crosswordle

What do you get if you mix a crossword and Wordle? It’s Crosswordle.

This game is about guessing two related words which intersect with each other on a crossword and it uses the same colour coding as the original Wordle.

You can even create your own pair of intersecting words.

7. Absurdle

Right Absurdle sounds ridiculously hard. The initial concept is the same as Wordle however the game actively tries to avoid giving you the answer.

Every time you guess a word it widens the pool of possible answers the word could be. Apparently the best possible score you can get on Absurdle is four. So yeah one for the really smart people.

8. Quordle

Because Wordle wasn’t difficult enough, the creators of Quordle decided it would be a good idea to give us four grids at once to solve.

You enter the same word for all four grids and it’s same colour system as Wordle. However all four words are different and on the keyboard each letter is lit up to correspond with the colours of each grid.

Basically it’s super confusing and I will be super impressed if anyone can play this everyday.

9. Hello Wordl

This game is very similar to Wordle except the biggest two differences with Hello Wordl are you’re able to “give up” at any point and you can play an unlimited number of times throughout the day.

Featured image credit via Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

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