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According to a scientist, this is the best word to start your Wordles with

And it only has two vowels

A scientist has discovered the best word you should use to start all your Wordle games with.

Professor of Computer Science at University College Dublin, Barry Smyth, created a Wordle simulator which played over 1 million games.

As part of his research Smyth discovered the starter word or “seed” word is incredibly important when starting off your daily Wordle.

And so the word with the highest chance of ensuring a win each time is? Tales.

In over 95 per cent of the games played when “tales” was the start word the game was a success.

When playing Wordle, the first word you enter is incredibly crucial. Everyone has their own set way of playing the game. Some will routinely use the exact same word every time. Whereas others switch it up in the hope of getting more green letters.

Smyth began the process of creating his simulator by first creating a database of five letter words and excluding all names from the list.

The simulator ended up playing 1,176,614 games, after removing all games that were solved with the start word.

As part of the simulator Smyth discovered 47 per cent of words are solved on the fourth round.

He also discovered the starter words which are least likely to end up solving the game and they are “hitch” and “hatch”, so avoid those two like the plague.

However using the words “arose”, “alien”, “aisle”, and “raise” as your starter word usually means the game can be solved the majority of the time.

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