wordle spoilers

Someone actually worked out the Wordle algorithm and now they’re spoiling the answers for everyone

Look away NOW

As much as I hate to admit it, people really refuse to let others enjoy things on the internet. While the world has been wrapped up in Wordle over the last few weeks, someone somewhere saw it and thought: “I must put a stop to this.”

If you don’t already know how to play the game, by the way, feel free to educate yourself.

Basically, we all thought the Wordle elves working behind the scenes just chose the daily word at random. One day it’s “robot,” the next you’re tearing your hair out wondering what the hell a “knoll” is. Thanks to Wordle, I even found out “flong” is an actual word in the Oxford English dictionary. There never seemed to be any rhyme or reason to it – the game was all in good fun.

According to one person – known simply as Wordlinator – it seems we’ve been wrong the whole time. This person managed to work out how Wordle chooses their five-letter words on a daily basis, and now, they’ve created a Twitter account to spoil it for everyone else.

Who is Wordlinator?

The true identity of Wordlinator is unknown, but here’s what we do know: They really, really hate Wordle.

It’s not hard to poke the beehive in this situation – all you need to do is tweet your results. If you’re unlucky enough, Wordlinator will find you and reply to your tweet with the next day’s word. So far, they haven’t missed.

How did they manage to crack it?

According to Metro, anyone can figure out the Wordle algorithm by “picking through the source code.” But you’d have to be like really, really good at coding in order to do that.

One coder, Robert Reichel, published a blog post on how exactly to go through and pick the code. It still seems pretty complicated, but apparently you can find the entire wordlist under a bit of coding called “La.” Russell T. Davies is quaking.

Twitter temporarily suspended him within 20 minutes

After a panic-inducing half-hour, the person “sent from the future to terminate Wordle-bragging” was expunged from the internet. A lot of people were relieved, while some felt disappointed that the “Wordle supervillain” is no longer among us.

Let’s be honest, though. Just like the real Terminator: He’ll be back.

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