‘I regret going on the show’: Rachel speaks out after being ‘humiliated’ by former Islanders

Four boys from her season piled on an Instagram live and laughed about her being on the show

Love Island star Rachel Finni has called out four of her former co-stars for humiliating her on an Instagram live. During the live, ex-Islanders Brad McClelland, Jake Cornish, Tyler Cruickshank, and Aaron Francis were seen mocking and laughing about Rachel when speaking about bombshells on the show. Rachel has slammed the four boys on her Instagram and has been defended by multiple co-stars from her season of Love Island.

When talking about past bombshells during their season, Brad reads out a comment and says: “Really? Rachel, yet again not a bombshell.” All four former Love Island contestants continued to laugh on the Instagram live, at the comment about Rachel, before moving on.

Rachel responded to the live in a series of posts on her Instagram story. She said: “Not the four f**kboys of my series bringing little irrelevant me up. Not surprised on the context which I was brought up. The lack of interest and respect is evident. I only talk about the show publicly if I’m approached by an outlet, journalist or brand. I try and not be horrible or malicious about anyone. I honestly even try so hard not to mention names either where possible. I try and talk about what matters. What will positively affect others.

“Don’t talk about me. There’s no need. I’m minding my business. Facts remain, whether you like it or not… I still got on the show. Imagine I was only on it five minutes, have the least amount of followers and yet still have more substance, more impact and more interest expressed in me than the lot combined. Aside from living off Love Island fame what exactly are you doing!? What else are you recognised for outside vanity and social media!?”

Rachel has shared that she now regrets going on to Love Island. “Today is the first day I’ve had a feeling of regret when it comes to appearing on the show. Despite everything that happened till now, I still saw the experience as a blessing. No matter how awful and manipulated it was I just took it as part of the experience as it led me to amazing things. But for it to be today and I have actual nobodies mimicking me and discussing me publicly like a joke, I am fully over it and regret going on the show.”, she said.

Rachel Finni who was on Love Island last year has been mocked by former Love Island stars

via Instagram @rachel.finni

Former Love Island contestant Kaz Kamwi has come to Rachel Finni’s defence on her Instagram story. She said: “I generally don’t get involved in much but I really wish people would honestly take a step back and think about how harmful their words and actions are and can be. We all know what public humiliation feels like so why are you going out of your way to embarrass and put someone else down?” On her story, she mentions Brad, Jake, Tyler and Aaron’s Instagram handles and said: “Every single one of you owe Rachel an apology. Publicly and privately. What a bunch of clowns. So unprovoked and for why?”

Following the support, Rachel said: “I don’t want an apology. It won’t be authentic. True feelings have already been put out there. You can’t apologise when you don’t mean it. You can’t apologise when you do not care about or respect a person. They all protected themselves by turning off comments before reaching out to apologise. That says it all. There are interviews, videos, TikToks, quotes and so much more from these Islanders showing disrespect towards me way before this. It’s all out there. This isn’t the first occurrence. There’s never been an apology so why now?

“Don’t apologise now you’re feeling the impact, don’t apologise because now your emotions are affected. You’re all selfish. I’ve always spoken carefully about people because I know the weight words can have. Whilst there are things I’ve said that have been twisted, I’m not a cruel person. At present I do not care about anyone involved or how they are feeling. Concentrate on this life lesson and learn from it. I won’t be saying anymore on this. I just want a peaceful life. Please don’t talk about me.”

Featured image credit via @rachel.finni on Instagram

Brad, Jake, Aaron, Tyler and Rachel have been contacted for comment.

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