Love Island menace ranking

Ranking ex Love Islanders by how much of a menace to society they were

They all caused absolute chaos and I can’t thank them enough


Love Island has produced some of the UK’s top influencers and reality TV stars, solely from them spending two months in Mallorca and falling in love for all our viewing pleasure. But no matter how many new Islanders and seasons the show gives us, there will always be ex-contestants we hold near and dear to our hearts that we simply cannot part with. Some of the best Islanders include the likes of our loyal babe Georgia Steel, and our meme king Toby Aromolaran. The latest contestants on this year’s season have yet to prove how big of a menace they can be. But for now, here is a ranking of the most chaotic ex Love Islanders from the very first season to season seven, based on much of a menace to society they were.

11. Hayley Hughes

Hayley, ‘I’m not your hun, hun’ Hughes is an undisputed queen of Love Island. Her time in the villa during the fourth season was nothing short of memorable moments and memes that will remain for a lifetime. One moment fans of the show will never forget is her conversation with the other Islanders about Brexit. She had zero clue what Brexit was and then once it was explained, she thought that leaving the EU meant the UK would have no more trees. Call it what you will but she’s left that moment imprinted in my mind as one of the top baffling moments in Love Island history, and as such her chaotic menace status has been granted.

10. Adam Collard

Ninth place on this Love Island menace ranking is Adam Collard. He was an OG bombshell on the fourth season of the show and was a constant menace in the villa and to my peace of mind. Adam is now BACK on Love Island in 2022 in a never done before twist. Nothing will ever truly top Adam’s toxicity like the time when he kissed Rosie Williams despite still being coupled up with Kendall Rae Knight. To make matters even worse, they kissed in the garden in front of everyone while Kendall was there too! He didn’t care one bit about who was in his way in order to get what he wanted. An iconic menace if I’ve ever seen one that no one ever has and ever will be able to compete with. I am patiently waiting to see the chaos he is about to add to the villa this year.

9. Olivia Attwood

I can only thank Olivia Attwood for the phrases and viral TikTok sounds she produced during her time in the villa. One thing that rings in my ears day in and day out is her argument with Chris Hughes, where he asks her to sit down and her response “I’m sat”. It is a moment that everyone remembers about season three of Love Island, and I wish to never forget it. Whether it was her quick wit, iconic facial expressions, or being unsure of which boy to couple up with, Olivia gave off the biggest menace vibes.

8. Hannah Elizabeth

You wouldn’t think to include the OGs in a Love Island menace ranking, but Hannah Elizabeth’s time on the very first season of the show is a fond memory of mine. She was effortlessly funny and if you can remember far back enough, got engaged?! No one will ever be able to top this moment in Love Island history, there was no couple like it other than Hannah and Jon. Pure chaos.

7. Megan Barton Hanson

Megan Barton Hanson was one of the biggest menaces during her season of Love Island. The moment she pied off Eyal and went to the rooftop to graft Wes is a moment that should be in the history books, so no one can ever forget. When she asked Wes for a kiss while he was still in a couple with Laura granted her ultimate menace status. Forget stepping on people’s toes, she was stomping on them left right and centre to get what she wanted. I’ve got to give it to her, she saw her opportunity and she took it.

6. Toby Aromolaran

The only person who has managed to give Adam Collard a run for his money for being an absolute menace on the show is Toby. But Adam could be taking back his crown this year. There is something quite chaotic about him jumping from one girl to the next within the space of a few days and feeling no kind of way about it. Nobody has given us as much content for memes as Toby did during his appearance on the last season of Love Island. His iconic one-liners and facial expressions when he was in the villa provided us with non-stop laughs and I miss him dearly.

5. Theo Campbell

This Love Island menace ranking would not be complete without Theo Campbell. One of the greatest menaces of season three along with Olivia is Theo. The one moment everyone remembers and is constantly still used in memes today is when Jonny got dumped from the island and Tyla was a crying mess. During the scene, Theo said: “If Tyla really liked him, she should go really.” He was saying nothing but the truth, just with an added dash of chaos that is always appreciated on Love Island.

4. Kady McDermott

As we go into the top four biggest menaces to society in Love Island history, Kady and her antics take the third spot. When Kady and Olivia were locked in the hideaway while Scott went on a date with Tina, she reached boiling point. Nothing says menace more like making faces through a tinted window because you’re slightly jealous someone went on a date with the person you’re coupled up with. Some may say it was an overreaction, I say it was iconic. To make Kady even more iconic, she called Tina “a basic Made in Chelsea bitch”, followed by Tina then going on to Made in Chelsea! Her fight with Malia which led to her getting removed from the show 20 minutes after joining remains one of the greatest arguments I have ever witnessed. Now I’m not saying Kady spilt that drink on purpose, but that is exactly what I’m saying.

3. Georgia Steel

She’s loyal babes!! Georgia going onto Love Island was a gift from the gods and she was not as treasured as much as she should have been. All you have to do to jog someone’s memory about Georgia is say “I’m loyal babes”, and it instantly clicks who you are talking about. She takes the second spot on the menace list for the time she gave Jack Fowler a kiss and then just straight up lied about it to Laura’s face, claiming how loyal she is. Now, you don’t have to agree on what Georgia did, but you’ve got to give it to her. She didn’t care that the cameras would soon reveal what actually happened and for that, she is a true menace. When she returned from Casa Amor to see Josh had coupled up with Kaz she kept her composure, but afterwards, Georgia kept on forgetting Kaz’s name, we love a menacing and slightly unbothered queen.

2. Mitchel Taylor

Mitchel was in the villa for seven weeks and provided us all with nothing but laughs with his chaotic nature. Sure, calling himself the King may be a little be cringe but no one has ever been more fitting to have “messy” in front of their name when being spoken about.

I don’t know what was the most chaotic part of Mitchel’s Love Island experience. Telling Molly he was never going to speak to her again because she wanted to get to know Zach? Beefing Scott all the time? Telling Abi to roll the tapes babes? There’s just so much and it’s fair to say this season wouldn’t have been as memorable as it was without him.

Thank you for your service x

1. Maura Higgins

The top spot on this Love Island menace ranking is our favourite Irish queen, Maura Higgins. No one can top Maura’s asking Tommy if Molly-Mae turned him on as much as she did and then asking him to get “frisky under the covers”, while the other Islanders were only metres away. She did not hold back and for that I applaud her, she knew what she wanted and did everything she could to try and get it. Maura’s most iconic moment was eating an ice lolly and giving the eyes to Tommy while she was sitting right next to Molly-Mae. Flirtatious and chaotic, the perfect recipe for being the greatest menace Love Island has ever seen.

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