Trips to LA and hanging out with Catherine: Everything Scott has been up to since Love Island

He’s been having a blast!

Scott will go down in history as one of the most loved bombshells to ever go on Love Island. He entered the villa in the early weeks and won viewers’ hearts for his relationship with Catherine and even more so when he was left single after Casa Amor. Since being dumped from the villa, Scott has been living his best life, partying and going on podcasts, providing his fanbase with all the content they all yearn for.

Every day it seems like Scott is up to something new, whether he is on nights out with other Islanders or at the football, there’s always something. Can’t keep up? Here’s everything Scott has been up to since appearing on Love Island 2023.

Scott has been speaking his truth on podcasts

Like all the other Islanders, Scott has been on a few podcasts here and there. However, he hasn’t used the the exposure to drag those he was in the villa with but rather to clear up mistruths and rumours being spread about him.

During his first podcast appearance on On Demand Entertainment, Scott was quick to shut down claims made about him by fellow bombshell Kady.

He said: “My name is a key word. My name seems to get views so keep it going. I spoke to Kady and Ouzy last night and they said, ‘Don’t take anything personally’ and I said ‘Listen when I go on a podcast don’t take anything personally’.”

“Kady knows what she is doing, Kady played the game better than anyone in there. The comments that she made to me, to Molly and Zach, she knows what she’s doing,” he added.

“She’s been in this game for seven years. Every single thing where she acts innocent about it, she’s not acting innocent. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Kady is being Kady, I respect her for it, I love Kady but don’t come at me because you’re doing it better than anyone girl.”

He had a welcome home party in Chester

Scott wasted no time when it came to club appearances and he had a “welcome home” party at a venue in Chester. Some of the packages for the night included a table for up to four guests, costing £120.

VIP booths came with a minimum spend of up to £390. They’ve got to make their money somehow!

He has been hanging out with Catherine

The Love Island 2023 reunion saw Scott and Catherine meet up with one another and it seems like they had an absolute blast reconnecting. In several Instagram lives, people could see Scott and Catherine dancing closely and hugging each other, looking shocked when it was caught on camera.

The pair were event spotted at Nando’s in the early hours of the morning together following the reunion. Both Scott and Catherine have said they are friends and both left the villa on good terms.

Scott has also found friends in Tom and Casey

Scott has been rubbing shoulders with winter Love Islanders Tom and Casey after attending a football match together and a night out. The bros!

He recently flew out to Los Angeles

Scott recently shared pictures of him on his way to Los Angeles but hasn’t revealed why. His first post when he touched down was watching the football so it could be a casual visit to the US.

Fans did think Scott and Catherine were on a romantic getaway after she posted a photo of her at an airport, the same day Scott posted a photo of him on a plane. However, the rumours were quickly shut down after Catherine shared snaps of her in Dubai.

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