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All the deeper meanings behind Harry’s House according to Harry Styles and his fans

I haven’t stopped crying over the deeper meaning behind Matilda

If there’s one thing Harry Styles fans love more than a new album dropping it’s shouting their opinions on the deeper meanings behind every song. If you haven’t streamed Harry’s brand new album already, Harry’s House, on Spotify then you need to get your priorities in order and take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror. Every single teenage girl and her pet dog in the world has been playing the album on repeat, crying and frantically coming up with their own theories behind all the songs. So here’s a rundown of everything Harry Styles has said himself about the meaning of the songs on Harry’s House and of course the input of his fans too.

Harry’s fans are convinced Late Night Talking is about Olivia Wilde

Fans have been losing their minds over Harry’s new album, specifically over the second track called Late Night Talking. All the Harry stans think the song is written about his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. He first performed his song back at his Coachella set in April and since then fans have been spiralling saying it’s about Olivia. In the first verse Harry sings: “It’s only been a couple days and I miss you, oh, yeah and nothing really goes to plan.”

Then Harry sings in the chorus: “We’ve been doing all this late night talking about anything you want until the morning. Now you’re in my life, I can’t get you off my mind.” If this evidence isn’t damning enough, Harry takes it even further. Fans already know Olivia and Harry split their time between Hollywood and Bishopsgate in London but we really start spiralling when Harry sung: “I’ve never been a fan of change but I’d follow you to any place if its Hollywood or Bishopsgate I’m coming too.” Fans are gutted because this is all the evidence they need for proving Harry isn’t in love with them.

As It Was is about ’embracing change and former self’

Harry Styles released As It Was as a single before dropping his full studio album. He says the song is based on his personal experience during lockdown. Harry told Heart radio: “I think over the last couple of years and stuff, you know with the forced pause that happened for a long time for all of us, I think I had a lot of time to think about and work out who I was away from music and get a little more comfortable with it. I think that allowed me to make this album from a very liberated place.”

In another interview Harry confirmed the song is about “metamorphosis, embracing change and former self, perspective shift and all that kind of stuff.” He says: “It just felt like the thing I wanted to say, the thing I wanted to be doing and the kind of music I wanted to make coming back.”

Matilda is about learning to accept when you need to ‘get some help’

Matilda is track number seven on Harry’s new album Harry’s House. Discussing the new song with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Harry revealed he wrote the song as if the real Matilda listened to it. Harry says: “I had an experience with someone where in getting to know them better they revealed some stuff about them which was like, ‘That’s not normal’. And I think for a lot of people, what you know in your experience is everything that you know, so it’s easy to mistake it as being, I guess in this specific, regular behaviour.”

He continued to say the song Matilda is about recognising certain things are “not normal” and learning to accept when you should “get some help” be that in the form of therapy or something else. He says: “This thing is more important than me just making music about myself because i think it could mean more to a lot more people.” Harry also confirmed the song is how he imagine’s Matilda from Roald Dahl’s book to be like a grown-up. Apparently Harry played it to a couple of mates and they all cried.

Harry didn’t release Medicine but says it’s partly to do with coming out

Harry performed Medicine back on his first solo tour in 2018. His fans are convinced the song alludes to same-sex romance and have called it a “bisexual anthem”. In the song Harry sings: “The boys and the girls are in. I mess around with him and I’m okay with it.”

Harry says he doesn’t have a reason why Medicine doesn’t debut on his most recent album. When asked about the song’s significance with Harry’s LGBTQ+ fans, Harry says part of Medicine is for people who have trouble coming out and struggle being accepted with their sexuality.

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