Give that wolf a banana and look at these 31 memes about the Eurovision 2022 final

This is a ballad free zone!!

Eurovision 2022 was nothing short of iconic. The whole of the UK is still shaking from our entrant Sam Ryder coming second and we’re all still stunned from Mika’s camp performance. The Eurovision 2022 final was in Italy and it was chaotic, emotional and covered in glitter. From Norway’s banana granda wolf song to Jodie Whitaker representing Sweden – the competition this year was wildly entertaining. Here are 31 memes looking back at the best night of the year.

1. Yes, exaclty

2. Sam Ryder was too good

3. Europe is so camp, no one can convince me otherwise

4. Why were there so many ballads this year?


6. Retweet!!!

7. I was stunned

8. It’s literal hell

9. A fever dream

10. This sums it up perfectly

11. They’re the best entries

12. Just as iconic if you ask me

13. He did it for the gays!

14. ‘A top bitch’

15. It’s like we’re back in 1998

16. I feel sick

17. Hands down the best

18. I am still crying

19. Gay or European is my favourite game

20. Sooooo camp

21. An icon

22. Why is this so funny

23. I haven’t stopped streaming his performance

24. A historical moment

25. Where do I sign?

26. It makes sense

27. European countries are on a different level

28. Looool

29. A classic

30. What a performance this was

31. Nothing beats Heartstopper content

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