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These 14 Conversations With Friends reactions are way more fun than the show itself

‘It’s a little boring I fear’

Conversations With Friends dropped on BBC iPlayer yesterday morning (15th May) – and it looks like Normal People’s crown might be safe for another day.

The series was adapted from Sally Rooney’s book of the same name, which explores a complicated four-way relationship between two students, a writer and an actor. While the concept sounds pretty sexy in theory, viewers reckon the show is sadly a bit of a let-down.

Fans have failed to hide their disappointment over just how *boring* Conversations is – with a lot of the criticism being directed towards one actor in particular. So, here are all the funniest reactions to Conversations With Friends:

1. An anti-ode to Joe Alwyn

2. Bodes well

3. We actually need Connell to save the day

4. Bobbi should not be American SORRY!

5. ‘Cynthia… CYNTHIA… Jesus died for our sin-thias’

6. I have nothing against The Straights I just don’t need to see them shagging

7. Why’s Nick even here? Who invited him?

8. Ban heavy breathing from the Rooneyverse IMMEDIATELY

9. ‘We used to FUCK as well’ ok great

10. This isn’t what Sally would’ve wanted

11. If Joe Alwyn has 10 haters, I’m one of them

12. I’m so sorry

13. It should’ve been called ‘Melissa and Bobbi’

14. It’s not too late to recast Nick!!!

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