James from Derry Girls is in a new Channel 4 show! Here’s everything we know about it

He’s gone from a wee English fella to being a Big Boy

Dylan Llewlyn, who plays James from Derry Girls, is starring in a new Channel 4 show called Big Boys and it sounds so good. Dylan plays 19-year-old Jack who’s described as a closested and nerdy boy from Watford trying to overcome his grief after his dad’s death. Jack takes up a scholarship at his local university where he meets 25-year-old Danny, who is described as a loud-and-proud lads’ lad – so yeah, you can tell already he’s going to be annoyingly fit. Here’s everything we know about Big Boys starring James from Derry Girls.

Jack and Danny, via @djllewellyn on Instagram

It’s written by comedian, Jack Rooke

Jack also narrates the show. It’s based on his award-winning live Edinburgh Fringe shows, Good Grief, Happy Hour and Love Letters. The show’s official synopsis says it’s a “silly, sweet comedy about two boys from very different ends of the ‘spectrum of masculinity’ who become best mates at Brent Uni Freshers’ Week 2013.”

Jack and Danny end up living together in an “ex-classroom shed on campus” and are thrown together by the head of the SU who was a student well over a decade ago but decided to never leave – classic uni vibes. The boys then meet Corrine, “a sharp, study-centric Scot who’s learning to let her hair down” and Yemi, “a savvy fashion kid who, at 19, has already seen it all and done it all”.

The show follows their first year together at Brent University as they “explore, experiment and try to discover themselves, helping one another along the way.

It drops on Channel 4 later this month!!

The official date is May 26 on Channel 4 so get excited!! You can watch the trailer here!


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