Derry Girls soundtrack

PSA: Here’s how you can listen to the Derry Girls soundtrack, all in one playlist

There are also separate playlists for every character!!!

Derry Girls is a work of art. From season one to season three, it’s only got better with age. As well as having some of the best one liners to ever be written, it’s also got a banging soundtrack and features at least one song in every episode that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Derry Girls soundtrack is full of so many nostalgic songs, and every one of which is an absolute bop. Some of the songs have meaning behind them, but others are just pure dance tunes – what more could anyone want? If you’re watching Derry Girls and trying to remember all the songs you heard growing up then there’s now this little playlist that will come in handy. Here’s everything you need to know about the Derry Girls soundtrack and playlist:

What songs feature on the Derry Girls soundtrack?

The unofficial Derry Girls soundtrack features some real foot tappers to say the least. And now there’s even a playlist for every character (apart from Jenny Joyce for obvious reasons). The song Dreams by The Cranberries is on the list as that’s the iconic theme tune. As well as the infamous Rock The Boat by Hues Corporation.

How can I listen to the playlist of the Derry Girls soundtrack?

You can find the unofficial playlist on Spotify – search Derry Girls and you’ll find all the songs on the soundtrack in one playlist, or you can find the link here. There’s also the official one which you can find here but it doesn’t have any music on it yet. But for those who just cannot wait, here’s what the unofficial one looks like.

Derry Girls soundtrack

The unofficial playlist

There are also playlists dedicated to specific characters. And believe me when I say Sister Micheal’s playlist is pure vibes. It features songs like Kung Fu Fighting and Insane in the Brain. Erin’s playlist features a lot of Spice Girls nostalgia and of course B*witched. The playlist belonging to the wee lesbian, Clare has some iconic bangers on it too like 5,6,7,8 by Steps. You can find everyone else’s playlist and follow the official Derry Girls account here.

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