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These 19 memes about James and Erin on Derry Girls will make you believe in love again

Jerin are the best thing to come out of Derry Girls, end of x

At long, long last, Derry Girls has finally given us what fans have been waiting three whole seasons for: a James and Erin kiss. Yes, Jerin is officially real and now you can finally believe in love again. In the most recent episode of Derry Girls, James tells Erin that he fancies her (and says he thinks she’s beautiful! I am sobbing), and they kiss while the song Kiss Me plays, which is quite iconic if you ask me. But then Michelle walks in on them and gets annoyed, even calling it “incest”. At the end of the episode Erin tells James that Michelle’s right and now’s not the time for them, but James says he’ll wait for Erin.

Naturally, everyone has gone into absolute meltdown. People have been waiting YEARS for Erin and James to finally get together, and after their kiss James saying he’ll “wait” for Erin was the final straw – there are so many memes and tweets about it. Nicola Coughlan who plays Clare has said “I want it to happen so badly” about Jerin, with Saoirse-Monica Jackson (who plays Erin) saying: “There’s definitely a spark there” and Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee saying she’d always privately planned for them to get together. I am SOBBING.

Now here are all the best memes about James and Erin and their kiss on Derry Girls:

1. Meant to be!

2. The only thing that will unite this godforsaken world


4. I am sobbing

5. It all makes sense now

6. So we’re all in love with James, right?

7. Genuinely cannot wait

8. Clare here will never not be funny

9. It needs to happen right NOW

10. @ Derry Girls, I hope you are ready for me a strongly worded letter if this doesn’t happen


12. Absolutely not x

13. Screaming

14. I will never be over this


16. Squealed!

17. Yep

18. You have been warned

19. Deceased

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