If the Kardashians went to UK unis this is where they’d all go

Kendall is a Bristol gal through and through

From Kim’s iconic crying face, to the hit of Kylie’s “rise and shine” and the saga of the diamond earring, it’s safe to say we’ve been nothing short of obsessed with the Kardashians ever since they first graced our screens back in 2007.

The literal epitome of incredibly out-of-touch rich, white Americans who are seemingly incapable of chopping up a cucumber normally (seriously wtf was going on in the most recent episode??), imagining any of the Kardashians slumming it at a UK uni feels nearly impossible, but you’d be surprised.

From the snobby, ex private-school energy of LSE and Bristol to the try-hard indie vibes of Leeds, there really is a place for every Kardashian cast-member (old and new) in the variety of UK unis on offer.

So, here’s exactly which UK uni every single one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would go to:

Kim – LSE

Kim K’s new law school journey perfectly situates her amongst the snobbiness of LSE students who use going to uni in London as their entire personality. Not quite good enough to get into Oxbridge (but god forbid she ventures up north to Durham), she’d easily fit the Oxbridge reject title that LSE students try so hard to deny.

When she’s not DMing a suspiciously old club promoter to get her into a Mayfair club, her favourite pastimes would include going to the lib purely to get some hard-working selfies for the Insta stories, spending the price of a small mortgage on an iced late at every overpriced coffee shop in London and taking full advantage of the easy access to Europe for a quick weekend getaway to Paris (on a private jet obvs).

Kourtney – Leeds

Just like every Leeds uni student who initially set foot into their student accommodation in a fluffy coat and skinny jeans, Kourtney’s met one boy with a few tattoos that’s unashamedly changed her entire personality. Waltzing around Hyde Park with a cig in hand and the baggiest trousers known to man, she’d be bound to religiously wear strictly black nail varnish and unironically listen to ACDC.

She’d also be that one girl in the friendship group to completely up and abandon the hot girl summer plans and insist her bf stay round every night despite not paying an ounce of rent or washing up a single pan. Typical.

Kris – Newcastle

The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder. Age clearly holds no bounds for Kris, making the nightlife of Newcastle more than ideal. Pornstar Martini in hand and PLT dress on (an exclusive collection by Kim though obvs), she’d settle into the weekly Geordie routine of Slug and Lettuce girls nights in no time at all.

Kendall – Bristol

Every Bristol second year trying to cook their first meal after living in catered halls

Giving ex-private school girl energy through and through, Kendall’s resting bitch face and lowkey superiority complex means she’s defo a Bristol girl.

Let’s be honest, her shocking cooking skills and the seeming novelty of chopping up a cucumber unfortunately isn’t a unique experience. Kendall is every Bristol gal who’s spent the entirety of their upbringing catered for by their live-in au pair meaning that the only meals on their cooking agenda are pesto pasta and £1 egg noodles (a uni staple).

She’s “not like other girls”, so would obvs spend 90 per cent of her time insisting on hanging out with the boys, bonding over their gap yahs and annual ski trips to Val D’Isere, or downing pints at pres for Motion. Not to mention that her supposedly natural athleticism means she’d be on some sort of uni sports team and make it her entire personality.

Khloe – Edinburgh

Khloe’s inability to move on from Tristan even though he’s publicly cheated on her means that Edinburgh, with its overwhelmingly female population, makes perfect sense. There really are no other male options.

For Khloe, Edinburgh would be the Insta dream, snapping countless pics in front of the wide arched windows, picturesque castle and cherry blossom trees, not to mention somehow managing to romanticise the ridiculously shit weather.

She’d also defo be the type to walk through the Meadows in her Lululemon gym set with an iced latte in hand at 6am as you do the walk of shame, automatically making you feel incredibly insecure and inadequate.

Kylie – Manchester Met

At uni for uni and NOT university (there’s a big difference) and probs getting in through clearing, Kylie would commit to the girls life of Man Met without hesitation. Forget slipping on a pair of dirty Air Forces and jeans, for Kylie, the perfect night out would consist of it queuing in -5 degrees for three hours in a trusty Oh Polly mini dress and heels just to get a couple of free drinks, a good old boomerang for the Insta story and sit at a VIP table pretending to have a good time.

When she’s not having a cheeky G&T with the girlies, you’d probably find her in the Arndale, using that good old UniDays discount to get her 20 per cent off (not that she needs it, but she’s not one of the most successful and savvy businesswomen for nothing).

Travis – University of East Anglia

A little aloof and mysterious, it feels only right that Travis end up in a place as unexciting as UEA. Defo the type to invite you round to his Manhattan-style room and force you to listen to him play an acoustic version of Wonderwall, he’d be the guy who shows up to a lecture once a term and just sits at the back with his headphones in.

Scott – Nottingham

For Scott, uni is simply all about having fun and nothing else. His firm favourite would be a good old foam party, you’d generally find him utilising the £1 shots at Ocean Wednesdays or a frequent host of a Lenton house party.

He also suffers severe FOMO and wants to be invited to everything (clearly) so would legit never go home in case he missed a mad bit of goss from a Friday night motive.

North – Glasgow

North is nothing short of an icon, and quite frankly no uni would ever be good enough to fit her vibes.

Let’s be honest though, the girl’s only eight and she’s already lowkey savage, so we can only imagine what she’ll be like in 10 years time. Probs wanting to get as far away from Kim as possible, the almost five-hour train journey from London to Glasgow seems like the perfect option.

Pete – York

A real life pic of Pete in his York uni bedroom x

Pete is the guy that nobody can quite figure out. A bit of a weirdo and yet somehow still getting all the girls, it’s a bit of a mystery.

A bit of a self-established outcast who would probably religiously spend his Friday nights gaming in his grim student accommodation room, he’d occasionally attend one of York’s infamous college bar parties or chat up a girl on Tinder who would fall in love with his apparent charm. Fair play to him tbf.

Penelope – UCL

An up-and-coming TikTok star, Penelope would 100 per cent be the girl at uni with an unnecessarily big friendship group who writes into Facebook confession pages absolutely ripping into people doing something weird in the library (with North’s guidance on what exactly to say though obvs).

If she wants to go big on TikTok then London’s UCL is probably the place to be.

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