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23 reactions to Harry Styles’ new album to help you emotionally recover from Harry’s House

I love this album more than I love myself

Happy Harry Styles Harry’s House day to all who celebrate! Which should be every single person on this godforsaken planet – if you haven’t already got his brand new album, Harry’s House, on repeat, you need to sort yourself out immediately. Everyone is having the most chaotic reactions to Harry’s House, calling Harry Styles a mastermind genius and saying it’s his best album yet.

But amongst all the songs that sound like fun, summery bops, there are actually a load of sad songs in the album, especially Matilda and Little Freak, which everyone is crying over. It’s safe to say, Mr Harry Styles has blessed us all with an absolute emotional rollercoaster.

Now whilst you recover from the emotional damage of Harry’s House, take a look at these 23 tweets and reactions to Harry Styles’ newest album:

1. Not one skip!

2. Sex, drugs and rock n roll x

3. The “one, two, three” just scratches an itch in my brain

4. The title catfished us all

5. I have ascended

6. No thoughts, just Harry’s House

7. Sobbing


9. I love this album more than I love myself

10. It really went for it

11. Emotional whiplash

12. Weekdays vs weekends

13. I am never going to recover

14. One millisecond more like!!

15. I’ll never be okay again

16. Please x

17. Okay so this is one of the more deranged reactions to Harry’s House but it made me lol

18. What possessed him?????

19. Okay but why does this make so much sense?

20. PAIN

21. Harry’s House has taken me on an emotional rollercoaster

22. I just love them all so much

23. A mastermind!

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