A Depop seller has refused to send someone an item because they’re ginger

They said it was ‘company policy’ because ginger people have ‘demonic energy’

Someone on Depop has refused to sell an item to someone for the plain and simple reason of them having ginger hair. And no, I’m not making this up. Instagram account Depop Drama has shared screenshots of the exchange, where the seller says they are refunding the sale after finding out the person buying is a red head.

They do give some reasoning, but even then I’m confused. In a series of screenshots shared to the Depop Drama page, the exchange begins with the buyer asking when the item they’ve bought, a necklace, is going to be posted. “I’m so sorry to ask, but is that you in ur profile photo babe,” comes the reply. Of course the buyer replies saying yes. And then, the fatal blow. The seller doesn’t sell to ginger people.

“I’m so sorry babe but I’m going to have to refund you,” they said. “Ofc [yes, they actually said ‘of course’ like the next sentence is perfectly reasonable] this is a piece of crystal jewellery and is used for spirituality, I have a company policy to never sell to gingers/redheads as I’ve had too many experiences leading to demonic energy, hope you can understand this isn’t a personal issue”.

I really don’t get it, but it’s happened and here we are. If you’re wondering if they meant what they said about the policy, they sure meant it – another screenshot from the seller’s profile shows the redhead person emoji in their bio next to a big fat red cross. “Sorry babe I’m going to have to refund you as gingers have no souls xx,” said someone in the comments of the post. Accurate.

This is actually too much?!

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