wagatha christie trial reactions

Here are 21 of the *best* reactions to the Wagatha Christie trial

Happy Wayne Rooney court drawing day, to those who celebrate

So, it’s the final day of the momentous Wagatha Christie trial, and I’m so thankful for the light relief it’s brought over the last couple of weeks. No-one’s going to come out of this smelling of roses – except everyone who memed it.

Rebekah Vardy sued Coleen Rooney for libel, after Rooney sensationally announced to her Instagram followers that Vardy allegedly leaked fake stories about her to the press. Thus, a hun story of biblical proportions was born.

From sarky lawyers to Peter Andre’s penis; Davy Jones to Wayne Rooney’s court drawings, every moment of the case was pure, unsaturated entertainment. Thank you, ladies, for brightening my month.

Here are all the best tweets and reactions to the Wagatha Christie trial – forever in our hearts:

1. Truly a moment in hunstory

2. It’s… a mess

3. It should’ve been broadcast on every main channel like a royal death

4. It was one of yas

5. Davy Jones as Davy Jones

6. A need, not a want

7. Most revolutionary case in British history

8. This I have to see


10. Parallels in literature

11. Did… Did Coleen Rooney shit… In Rebekah’s…?

12. It’s giving my German Shephard got killed on my driveway, I caught my husband cheating again

13. ‘Kerry! You look like a sponge for christ’s sake’

14. Let us have fun!!!

15. Not this

16. Oh

17. Oops

18. I reckon I could do it

19. She’s actually me

20. 14th Doctor announcement tweet

21. Now why am I in it?

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