31 reactions to the emotionally traumatic final episode of Derry Girls season three

Lisa McGee has a lot to answer for

Last night was the end of Derry Girls season three and all I have to say is what the hell was that ending? Not a single one of us was ready for the final few minutes of last night’s episode – it was emotionally traumatic. Lisa McGee had us crying tears of laughter to screaming for Clare finally getting her first kiss and then all of a sudden we were weeping for her. Here’s a rundown of how Twitter reacted to last night’s episode of Derry Girls.

1. This had to go first

2. I can’t wait for the extra episode

3. It destroyed all of us

4. Stop it, I am broken

5. We’re all still sobbing

6. No one talk to me

7. Crying

8. Never ever

9. It’s too soon

10. Was it too much to ask??

11. The best


13. This sums it up pretty well

14. So much happened!!

15. Please

16. What was the reason?

17. It’s impossible

18. Lisa McGee has no right doing that!!

19. Looool pretty much

20. It truly has

21. No x

22. ‘Can I sue for emotional damages?’

23. No please, I’m not okay

24. Retweet!

25. Exactly this

26. This meme is hell

27. Yes

27. I can’t put my emotions into words right now

28. So evil

29. You! Will! Pay!

30. Michelle’s scam was award winning

31. Send tweet

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