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Here is all the evidence Nadine Coyle will make an appearance in Derry Girls

There’s been a special guest in every ep so far and people are convinced Nadine is next

Derry Girls is coming to an end this week and the only thing Lisa McGee has left to do is give the fans what they want and bring in Nadine Coyle for a guest appearance. If you didn’t know already then Nadine Coyle and her passport are Irish legends and she is the original Derry Girl.

So far this season we have seen some really famous faces pop up, Liam Neeson was in the first episode! It’s been wild. So I highly doubt Nadine Coyle’s cameo is out of the question. You’ll be surprised with how many hints that have been dropped over the years too. Here’s a rundown of all the evidence we have pointing toward Nadine Coyle making an overdue appearance in Derry Girls.

‘I’d definitely be up for a role in Derry Girls’

Right so first and foremost she is KEEN for it. Nadine has made no attempt to hide her love for Derry Girls since it started. Back in 2018 she tweeted saying: “I am so in love with the Derry Girls series” and then said the show has the approval of a “proper Derry girl”. She then went on to make this meme of herself and Clare in season two captioned “There are two types of Derry Girls”.

Derry Girls is based on the school she went to

Nadine Coyle went to Thornhill College which is coincidentally the same school Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee attended. I am shaking!!!

Clare from Derry Girls partially based her accent on Nadine Coyle

I am screaming at the fact Clare from Derry Girls based her accent on that clip from Pop Idol where Nadine Coyle lies about the age on her passport.

Nadine has literally said her dream role on Derry Girls

Back in November 2021, Nadine said her dream role on Derry Girls would be playing a “hairdresser that moved away to London and came back with a funny accent and then knows everything about everything” – I love her so much. Imagine if this week Ma Mary goes for a haircut and Nadine Coyle is standing there with a dodgy accent!!! Fans will be so shook.

Nadine said she was filming a show in Ireland around the same time as filming season three

Okay so filming for Derry Girls season three started between September and October in 2021. Nadine Coyle tweeted saying she couldn’t make a performance on September 4th as she was “filming a TV show in Ireland” and because of Covid she wasn’t allowed to travel back and forth to perform.

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