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Every single Doctor Who companion, definitively ranked

Only from 2005 onwards, we don’t have all year x

Sex Education icon Ncuti Gatwa has been announced as our next Doctor – which begs the question, who’s going to join him as the series’ next companion?

Over the years, we’ve seen some amazing characters assisting the Doctor. From Rose Tyler to Amy Pond and beyond, everyone knows the chemistry between the pair has to be on point, otherwise the show simply won’t work. Not looking at anyone in particular… (John Bishop).

So, while we pray Russell T. Davies will cast the perfect person to join Ncuti onscreen, it’s time to sort the icons from the forgettables. Here’s every new-series Doctor Who companion, ranked:

13. Adam Mitchell


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If Adam Mitchell has 1 million haters, I am one of them. If Adam Mitchell has ten haters, I am one of them. If Adam Mitchell only has one hater – it’s me. If Adam Mitchell has no haters, I am no longer on this Earth. If the world loves Adam Mitchell, I’m against the world. And so forth.

Bland old Adam was only around for two episodes – and boy are we thankful for it. He was the first companion to find himself ditched on an alien planet simply because he irritated The Doctor so much.

12. Dan Lewis

john bishop

Photo via BBC

I need to have a word with the casting director who decided John Bishop can act – the man can barely make me laugh in his actual job. I hope, when Russell T. Davies and Ncuti Gatwa reclaim what’s rightfully theirs, they’ll banish Dan Lewis from the Whoniverse and scrub his name from history.

11. Graham O’Brien


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Bradley Walsh is a national treasure – but Bradley Walsh plays Bradley Walsh in effectively everything he’s in. Why did Chris Chibnall even bother naming him Graham in the first place? His emotional storylines made me feel nothing. Go back to presenting The Chase, Brad.

10. Ryan Sinclair


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As someone with dyspraxia who also can’t ride a bike, it was nice to see myself represented on screen. As someone with a hatred for butchered northern accents, I couldn’t wait for Ryan to leave. Another underwhelming character, just like his grandad.

9. Nardole


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The whole “alien-who-can’t-understand-basic-human-concepts” bit got pretty old, pretty quickly. And yet, when Peter Capaldi was ready to regenerate, Nardole still couldn’t curb it. He was an okay character for Twelve’s final series, but definitely nothing special.

8. Rory Williams

doctor who

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There was nothing particularly bad about Rory – but I’ve had whiny boyfriends who’ve tried to hold me back from my calling, too. I didn’t love him for Amy, and three’s always a crowd.

7. Yasmin Khan

doctor who companions ranked

Photo via BBC

She’s got the spirit, and Mandip Gill can out-act Jodie Whittaker any day. I just wish she was given better scripts and more airtime. Is it too late to cast her as the Doctor?

6. Clara Oswald

clara oswald

Photo via BBC

A controversial move, ranking The Impossible Girl this far down the list. But what can I say? She irked me. I feel like Clara was overused, she often took centre-stage and the series’ storylines mostly centred her. If Steven Moffatt wanted to cast Jenna Coleman as the first female doctor – he should’ve done it with his chest!!!

5. Bill Potts

bill potts

Photo via BBC

Bill had SO much potential – the fact she only starred in one series (opposite Nardole, no less) was a crime. She was the first LGBTQ+ female character in the show, and she truly gave me Rose Tyler vibes. Her double-life as an old school Cyberman in the final two episodes of series 10 was gutting, and her chemistry with Twelve was a joy to watch.

4. Amy Pond

amy pond

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I really liked Amy – and she brought us River Song, which can only ever be a good thing. She was fiercely independent and a perfect counterpart to Matt Smith’s whimsical Eleven. Her exit has gone down as the most devastating in Who history, and rightfully so.

3. Martha Jones

doctor who companions ranked

Photo via BBC

Martha’s character was annoyingly never developed beyond a Rose-replacement, let’s be honest. She basically spent all her screen time quietly pining for Ten and letting herself feel inadequate (she was NEVER inadequate).

I get it, we were all mourning for Rose. But we could’ve fallen just as in love with her if we’d been given the Martha we saw in Last Of The Time Lords. Strong, resourceful, passionate… that’s the Martha I remember.

2. Donna Noble

doctor who companions ranked

Photo via BBC

Truly, one of the top-tier companions of all-time. I’m not just talking about the revival series, by the way. I mean: All. Time.

Catherine Tate’s chemistry with David Tennant is absolutely unmatched – no wonder she became the Doctor-Donna in her final episode. It was also really nice to have a companion who didn’t want to shag the nerdy alien blue box man, actually.

1. Rose Tyler

doctor who companion ranked

Photo via BBC

QUEEN Rose Tyler owns my whole entire heart, from her collection of red hoodies to the way she just ditched Mickey for rogue adventures. Remember when she tried to bring her dad back from the dead just because she felt like it one day? Or when she inhaled the deadly TARDIS vortex just for some attention? No-one with supporting character energy would ever do that. Honourable mention goes out to Jackie Tyler; the embodiment of a middle-aged hun.

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