This is what your favourite Heartstopper character says about you

If it’s Ben then you need to check yourself tbh

Heartstopper is the Netflix show that’s captivated all of our hearts. Adapted from Alice Oseman’s popular webtoon, it is a beautiful coming of age story about learning your self-worth and the priceless value of true friendship. From Darcy and Elle’s endearing love story to Nick and Charlie’s adorable friends-to-lovers timeline, Heartstopper truly encapsulates what it is to be young and queer, with all the challenges that you may face along the way. Though we can’t help but be obsessed with all of the characters (aside from Ben who shouldn’t be anyone’s favourite tbh), everyone is bound to have a soft spot for one in particular. Whether it’s the feisty and confident nature of Darcy, or the timid yet secure traits of Charlie, it’s time to answer the all-important question: what does your favourite Heartstopper character say about you?



The nation’s new sweetheart, Charlie is potentially one of the most adorable characters to have emerged from TV this year so it’s completely understandable why he might be your favourite.

You’re a bit of a people-pleaser, absolutely hate calling anyone out who does you dirty and have had a bit of a tragic dating history of liking people that quite frankly could care less about you (we’ve all been there).

You also were defo besties with your English teacher in secondary school and cried a little (or a lot) when they inevitably went on maternity leave.


In the nicest way possible, you’re most likely the perpetually single friend who’s just a little bitter that all of your friends are getting wifed up and abandoning the group plans to have a successful hot girl summer.

The flip side to that, however, is that you really value your friendships and are the person that everyone can always truly rely on (even if they are secretly a little scared of you).

You’re also an absolute menace on a night out, ready to engage in a physical fight with anyone who even dares to look at your friend the wrong way.



If Nick is your favourite, it’s likely you’re either mid-way through an existential life crisis about who you truly are or grew up reading Wattpad fanfiction and absolutely love the “unattainable popular bad-boy-to-lovers” storyline.

Either way, it’s unsurprising that Nick has pulled at our heart strings tbh. Teaching us what it truly means to embrace and value individuality over the external gratification of others, a small part of you probably secretly hoped that you had had this realisation sooner.


You’re a little mysterious, don’t enjoy being the centre of attention and are a well trained people-watcher. It might take you a little while to get comfortable around people, but when you do you have absolutely no issue settling in.

Oh, and you’re also perfectly accustomed to always playing the role of the third wheel (the story of my life).



You’re the chaotic life and soul of the party, undoubtedly the first one to arrive at pres already four shots of Tequila down and always the last one to reluctantly leave afters. You’ve defo had more than a few noise complaints in your student accommodation in your time.

Darcy’s self-confidence and complete disregard for others unwanted opinions is incredibly refreshing to witness, so it’s likely that you either relate to her on some level or are hoping to implement some of her carefree attitude into your own life in some way.


A bit of a BNOC, it’s likely that others would describe you as a confident, outgoing and unfazed character who is always open to making new friends. However, there is definitely a more timid and self-conscious side to you too, making Tara’s understandable insecurities at publicly coming out as a rather relatable sentiment.


If Ben is actually your favourite character you truly need to check yourself. I think we all secretly hoped to see a bit of character development from Ben at some point in the series but unfortunately he just confirmed what I think we already knew tbh- fuck boys never really change.


A bit of an enigma, you’d rather be reading a book than be bothered to deal with any drama 99 per cent of the time, and honestly I don’t blame you.

Arguably a 70-something-year-old forcibly stuck in a 20-year-old’s body, you’re always the last to read the group chat (with no reply obvs), consistently go to bed at 10pm and haven’t even attempted to make any new friends since you were about eleven years old. The idea of going clubbing is enough to make you feel violently ill.



Your gaydar is shockingly bad and you’ve defo fallen for way too many boys who have absolutely no interest in you whatsoever but at least your self-confidence is somewhat endearing.

A sucker for a rugby boy, your favourite past-times include getting absolutely paralytic at Wednesday night sports socials and having seriously questionable moves on the club dance floor.

Nick’s mum

Either a die-hard Olivia Colman fan (aren’t we all) or just utterly obsessed with her unwavering love and support for her son, Nick’s mum is a firm fan favourite and its unsurprising why.

Let’s be honest, you might potentially have a few Mummy issues or feel a little bit bitter that she reacted so calmly to her son being involved in a literal physical fight (I would’ve never heard the end of it).

Either way, she’s an absolute icon and has defo got people thinking about how best parental figures can help guide and support the tumultuous journey of navigating your sexuality.

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