the office where are they now

So, what are the cast of The Office US up to now?

Turns out Creed Bratton’s real name is Creed Bratton lol

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. It’s time to put on our hard ass hats and take a trip down to Scranton.

Some of The Office US characters had unsatisfying endings, let’s be honest. Erin and Plop should never have been a thing. WHY did the writers turn Andy into such a menace? Were we seriously meant to believe Jim and Pam would just randomly reconcile after all the Brian stuff?

From two film stars to podcasting legends, let’s see if The Office US cast got up to anything more exciting since the series ended:

Steve Carell – Michael Scott

steve carell

Photo via Netflix

Steve played the incomparable Michael Scott – curator of “that’s what she said!” jokes, questionable impressions and inappropriate mixtapes. After Michael left for Colorado in series seven, it’s safe to say Steve found a similarly happy ending. He went on to star as Gru from the Despicable Me franchise, and even starred in several dramatic roles in Beautiful Boy (alongside Timothée Chalamet) and Welcome to Marwen.

John Krasinski – Jim Halpert

john krasinski

Photo via NBC

John Krasinski has to be one of the most successful actors to come from The Office cast. As well as marrying ACTUAL Emily Blunt (thus becoming one-half of Hollywood’s biggest power couple), he’s starred in A Quiet Place, Bojack Horseman and Jack Ryan. This month (May 2022), John made his long-awaited debut as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange.

Also – he’s Stanley Tucci’s brother-in-law. This man is literally living my dream.

Jenna Fischer – Pam Beesly

jenna fischer

Photo via @msjennafischer on Instagram

Along with former co-star Angela Kinsey, Jenna Fischer fronts the hugely successful Office Ladies podcast. She starred alongside Mathew Baynton in Sky One’s You, Me and the Apocolypse, before going on to feature in short-lived US comedy Splitting Up Together.

Rainn Wilson – Dwight Schrute

Rainn Wilson

Photo via @rainnwilson on Instagram

DWIGHT SCHRUTE. IS. MANAGER. But what’s Rainn Wilson up to now?

The actor has continued a string of really funny roles – he starred in The Meg opposite Jason Statham, as well as Solar Opposites and Adventure Time. He’s set to feature in the Weird Al biopic, and is currently known for playing Lex Luthor in Justice League.

Ed Helms – Andy Bernard

the office where are they now

Photo via YouTube

Andy Bernard (AKA The Nard Dog, formerly known as Baby Waa Waa) failed to realise his dream of being famous. Luckily, Ed Helms never had that problem. After leaving The Office, he went on to star in The Hangover series, Drunk History and Rutherford Falls. He voiced Kyle (as in, “and the kids”) on Bojack Horseman, as well as cartoon Ron’s Gone Wrong.

Angela Kinsey – Angela Martin

My world fell to pieces when I realised Angela isn’t actually an uptight old lady in real life. Angela Kinsey seems like the sweetest, most likeable person ever – and it’s all thanks to The Office Ladies. Although – as much as I love her – nothing can excuse the fact that she starred in Netflix’s Tall Girl. You know, the film where that one girl’s “oppressed” because she’s like six foot? Yikes.

B.J. Novak – Ryan Howard

the office where are they now

Photo via YouTube

Last time we saw Ryan, he’d abandoned his kid and ran off with on-again, off-again girlfriend Kelly Kapoor. Turns out, B.J. and Mindy Kaling are actually really good friends – and even starred in an Oscars-themed photoshoot earlier this year. Since starring as the temp-turned-boss-turned-annex-boy, B.J. has gone on to feature in films like Saving Mr. Banks and The Amazing Spider Man 2.

Mindy Kaling – Kelly Kapoor

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First of all, how dare you? Mindy Kaling’s run on The Office was so successful, she even got her own show. The Mindy Project spanned six series before ending in 2017 – and since then, she’s been in Ocean’s 8, Inside Out and penned her own TV remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Brian Baumgartner – Kevin Malone

As well as a huge career in TV, Brian has the second-most-popular Office-themed podcast ever. This, by the way, was how I came to find out his voice sounds nothing like Kevin’s IRL (why waste time say lot word when few word do trick).

After The Office finale, Brian went on to star in Scream Queens, The Goldbergs and Melissa and Joey. His oral history podcast – The Office Deep Dive with Brian Baumgartner – regularly features interviews with the cast.

Oscar Nuñes – Oscar Martinez

Oscar’s been keeping a relatively low profile since the show ended – but he’s set to star in the Enchanted sequel later this year!!

Phyllis Smith – Phyllis Vance

As well as being the cuddliest face of pesto this side of Scranton, Phyllis Smith is perhaps best known as the voice of Sadness from Pixar’s Inside Out. She also featured in supernatural Netflix series The OA.

Leslie David Baker – Stanley Hudson

Sitting across the way from Phyllis, we have grumpy old Stanley. Barely noticing anything at work except his crossword and the clock, this paper salesman was the perfect antidote to everyone’s overly-romantic lives. Leslie David Baker went on to feature in That’s So Raven spinoff Raven’s Home in 2017, as well as Disney show Austin and Ally.

Paul Lieberstein – Toby Flenderson

True Dunder Mifflinites will know Paul Lieberstein was actually a writer on the show before he was cast as the continuously-dumped-on Toby. While he hasn’t been doing much by way of acting since the show ended, he co-wrote and produced Space Force – a Netflix series starring Steve Carell.

Kate Flannery – Meredith Palmer

Kate Flannery is – luckily – nothing like her Office counterpart. Since the finale, she’s gone on to compete in Dancing With The Stars, star in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and play Harper’s mum in Wizards of Waverly Place (!!!)

Ellie Kemper – Erin Hannon

the office us where are they now

Photo via Netflix

Wasting no time whatsoever, Ellie Kemper went straight on to play the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt after The Office ended. She went on to have one-off roles in The Simpsons, Drunk History and American Dad! before starring in the Home Alone remake.

Creed Bratton – Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton doesn’t get into debt… he just passes it along to William Charles Schneider. Which, by the way, is Creed Bratton’s (the *actual* Creed Bratton’s) real name. Confused? Me too. But I love it.

Since leaving The Office, Creed has gone on to tour his music all over the US and the UK. In 2020, he released his latest album, Slightly Altered.

Melora Hardin – Jan Levinson-Gould

You may recognise Melora nowadays from Netflix’s The Bold Type – rather than the vile Jan. She made it to the semi finals of Dancing With The Stars in late 2021, before starring in a Hallmark original film.

Craig Robinson – Darryl Philbin

the office us where are they now

Photo via TBS

After starring as warehouse-worker-turned-popsicle Darryl, Craig Robinson went on to play The Pontiac Bandit in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He voices various characters in Big Mouth, and even starred in Sausage Party back in the day.

Catherine Tate – Nellie Bertram

catherine tate

Photo via Netflix

I still can’t decide whether crowbarring Catherine Tate into the cast was a god-tier or disastrous move. Either way, it introduced her to a US audience and that can only be a good thing. This year alone, she’s starred in The Nan Movie (based on her Catherine Tate Show character) and her own Netflix original series, Hard Cell. Both seem questionable, but at least she’s girlbossing.

Zach Woods – Gabe Lewis

Ugh, it’s like cuddling a skeleton.

After playing the slimy, skinny Gabe, Zach Woods went on to star in Veep, Silicon Valley and The Good Wife. He also played a cum sock in Big Mouth for an entire series. Huh.

Michael Schur – Mose Schrute

He starred as the weird cousin of Dwight, but Michael Schur has seriously made a name for himself as a TV writer, too. He co-wrote episodes of The Office, as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But his biggest break came when he created his first solo project – a little known indie show called The Good Place.

Michael has also written episodes of Parks and Rec, Black Mirror (Nosedive) and Netflix series Q-Force.

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