Amber says she and Greg ‘were done’ before they even won Love Island!

‘A day before the final me and Greg had the biggest bust up ever’

2019 Love Island winner Amber Gill has revealed she and Greg O’Shea had a huge argument and “were done” before they even won Love Island. Amber featured in YouTuber Murad Merali’s podcast and spoke about her experience in the villa, being the person to keep Ovie on the show and winning the series with Greg. Here’s everything Amber Gill revealed in the podcast with Murad, starting with her fight with Greg.

‘A day before the final me and Greg had the biggest bust up ever’

Amber revealed one day before the final she and Greg had “the biggest bust up you could ever imagine” and they didn’t want to eveb know each other at that point. So they called it off and said they were seperated from one another. Amber then says she and Greg came back together after and went into the final expecting to come fourth. She says her big fight with Greg before the final was “a lot to deal with”.

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‘Looking at me and Greg, we’re not well matched’

Greg and Amber, after getting back together, broke up four to five after leaving the villa and winning Love Island. Amber says when things ended between her and Greg after Love Island it was “really bad” due to the pressure and expectation on them to be a couple. When in reality she thinks she barely knew him after meeting on a TV show and not knowing each other very well at all. She also says when everything about their breakup came out she believes she could have been more supportive toward him but denies telling her followers to send him and his family death threats. Amber says: “Just because it ended over text doesn’t make him horrible and I’m sorry those people were like that towards him but to say I solicited that, I didn’t. It doesn’t matter what he did, people shouldn’t have been sending death threats at all.”

Ovie had intentions to leave the villa before the final

During the time when Ovie was single and right before India came into the villa, Amber says he had intended to leave the villa. She says everyone wanted to leave at least once, she wanted to leave at Casa Amor and Ovie wanted to leave right before a new basketball season started. Apparently he said he had “done what he wanted to do there and made great friends” and he was ready to go. Amber says she was pulled out and asked to try and encourage Ovie to stay in the villa as he was “the only person he was going to listen to”. Amber says Ovie wanted to go because he liked to train for basketball and he was no longer enjoying Love Island. He then said being able to train would make the whole experience better for him so Amber went to the producers to ask them to bring in a basketball hoop and ball for Ovie to train.

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