Eurovision 2022 semi-final memes

Instead of meat, I eat veggies and these 22 memes from last night’s Eurovision semi-final

Taking some personal time off to mourn Latvia not making the final

The best week of the calendar year is here, girlies, because it’s officially Eurovision week! Last night kicked off the formal proceedings with the first semi-final, and it was a boring display of ballads and hellish men, to be honest. But there was some fun to be had – and some tears to shed, with one of the bleakest voting results and some of the best of the night not getting through to Saturday’s final. We’re in Italy, pop icon Mika is hosting Eurovision 2022 and the semi-final memes are as delicious as the salad Latvia keep singing about – here are the best from Twitter last night.

1. We have literally been robbed of one of the best songs in the competition

2. Buckle up!

3. WHY did all the tepid ballads qualify may I ask?

4. A cursed decision

5. Justice for our sex-positive Latvian Wiggles!

6. One of Jack Whitehall’s most useful contribution to society

7. This video is perfection

8. Who is signing off on all these BALLADS

9. Can I get an amen!

10. Get the sick bags

11. They’re always crushing it

12. The best song of all time methinks

13. Pure evil, sick and twisted

14. We bloody wish!

15. I don’t believe in the glorification of murder, I do believe in the empowerment of women

16. Sheridan Smith deserved better

17. One of the biggest injustices of the modern age

18. Just need a bit of space if that’s okay

19. That’s what I’m here for!

20. Why is this so accurate lmao

21. The world isn’t ready!

22. I can’t with this

After you’ve soaked up all the Twitter memes from the 2022 Eurovision semi-final, catch up with it all over again on BBC iPlayer.

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