Quiz to see which guy from season two of Bridgerton on Netflix you would marry

Which guy from season two of Bridgerton would you marry? Take this quiz to find out

I want to be a Viscountess, nothing more and nothing less

The Bridgerton social season is all about finding a suitor and getting married. It’s difficult to watch it and not swoon over the gentlemen of the Ton and wonder who you would be courting. So, this quiz is about to answer all of your questions and tell you which guy from Bridgerton season two you would marry.

Will you settle for a steamy life with Viscount Anthony Bridgerton himself and absolutely nothing less? Or are you more of a Benedict Bridgerton fan, helplessly falling for his cheeky smile and endless charm? Maybe you’d be like Eloise and stray away from the typical social season relationship and pressures of the Ton, and pursue real love and witty conversation with someone like Theo? Or perhaps you want arguably the most slept on character in the show, Will Mondrich, who is real and devoted to his other half. Then there’s Colin Bridgerton, or even the new Lord Featherington to throw into the mix, too.

There are so many possibilities and so many romantic paths to choose from – but, unfortunately, you can only marry one man from the season – and only a special few truly deserve Anthony Bridgerton himself. It’s time to find out who your perfect match is in the following quiz.

Take this quiz to see which guy from season two of Bridgerton you would marry:

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