Personality quiz to see if you are more Kate or Edwina Sharma from season two of Bridgerton on Netflix

Are you more Kate or Edwina Sharma from Bridgerton? Take this quiz to find out

I want to be Kate but I fear I am Edwina

Season two of Bridgerton has introduced us two of the best characters the show has had to date: The Sharma sisters. They are very different in personality, but deep down the season shows their undying loyalty to one another and their family. The Sharmas are a pair of sisters you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. But, you still can’t deny they both give off very different vibes, and have very unique personalities. And this quiz is about to tell you if you are more like Kate or Edwina Sharma from Bridgerton.

Kate is the eldest sister: Fiercely loyal, strong-minded and won’t let anyone get in the way of what she wants and the happiness of those around her. She’s not one to get caught up in the excitement of the social season, she’s got bigger things on her mind. And then there’s younger sister Edwina, who is much more innocent, a caring and sweet soul who truly does just lap up the social season and everything being wholesome – some call her naive, others may say the world needs to be a little bit more Edwina.

But the truth is, you can only really be one Sharma sister, so now is the time to find out. In this quiz you can finally find out which of the two you are most aligned to.

Find out in the quiz below if you are more like Kate or Edwina Sharma from season two of Bridgerton:

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