Right, so what was Queen Charlotte sniffing in Bridgerton season two?


Bridgerton is back on Netflix, thank the lord. This season has seen grand balls galore, more courting than ever before and the story of Kate and Anthony unfold beautifully before our eyes. But one thing has got people talking in particular: What in the hell is the Queen sniffing in Bridgerton season two?

Drugs are becoming more prominent in the show than before – previously at the balls they all drink lemonade, and the men occasionally retire to the smoking rooms to have tobacco and drink alcohol. So, it might have had you questioning what was going on when in season two of Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte looked to be sniffing a brown powder. Here are your answers.

Ok, so what was Queen Charlotte sniffing in season two of Bridgerton?

In an interview Golda Rosheuvel, who plays Queen Charlotte, summarised her character as: “Wealthy, dirty rich, addicted to snuff, devoted to her family, loves gossip, and she is divinely in love with her husband who is slowly going mad.” Queen Charlotte is based on a real historical figure, who was known for sniffing tobacco rather than smoking it or putting it in her mouth.

An explanation of what Queen Charlotte was sniffing in season two of Bridgerton on Netflix and drug use at the time

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Despite what you might have thought, what Queen Charlotte is sniffing isn’t illicit drugs, it’s tobacco – known as “snuff” at the time. It was very much legal, just a luxury that only some could afford. During the era, the real Queen was even nicknamed “Snuffy Charlotte” – much to emphasise her royal and wealthy status.

Snuff is a smokeless tobacco, and was considered a delicacy in the Regency era. Snuff is is meant to be inhaled through the nose or chewed or placed in the mouth to produce saliva. Snuff comes in a “dry” form (for snorting) and in a “wet” or “moist” form (chewing or dipping tobacco).

An explanation of what Queen Charlotte was sniffing in season two of Bridgerton on Netflix and drug use at the time

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And yes, snuff is still available in smoke shops to buy today. It is regulated in the same way as other tobacco products, including age restrictions, and can also be found online. All forms of snuff still have the same health risks as tobacco, including nicotine addiction and an increased risk of cancer.

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