Here are all the modern songs you recognise from the soundtrack of Bridgerton season two

Iconic that the opening ball was Material Girl

Low-key, one of the best things about Bridgerton is when the music takes a modern song and turns it into a classical orchestra bop. It’s an undeniable vibe when the characters walk into a grand ball and start dancing to a song that’s in the charts right now, despite the show being set in the early 1800s. And season two is no different to the first, with the soundtrack containing some of the best song covers Bridgerton has ever had.

From Madonna to Rihanna and Harry Styles, this season has some absolute bangers. The series’ music supervisor, Justin Kamps, said the Harry Styles cover was a personal musical highlight of the new season. He told Tudum: “When Harry Styles’ team signed off, I was very excited about that because I was just like, ‘This is just a beautiful use.’ So even though it wasn’t a direct, ‘We love this,’ it felt like, ‘Ah, yes, they approved this, they’re giving their approval. They enjoy the sequence.’ And now, I can’t wait for all the fans to see it.”

Here is a rundown of all the songs that feature in the soundtrack of Bridgerton season two. Seriously, whoever picks these out deserves a pay rise.

All the modern day pop songs and music that features in the soundtrack of season two of Bridgerton on Netflix

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Nirvana – Stay Away

The first cover we hear is an instrumental version of Stay Away, covered by the Vitamin String Quartet. The Quartet was also behind many of the covers in season one.

Madonna – Material Girl

Material Girl plays in episode one, when the characters head to the first ball of the season, hosted by Lady Danbury. The 1984 hit is covered by Kris Bowers.

Rihanna – Diamonds

Also in episode one at a ball, Diamonds by Rihanna is covered. This classical version comes from Hannah V and Joe Rodwell.

All the modern day pop songs and music that features in the soundtrack of season two of Bridgerton on Netflix

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Robyn – Dancing On My Own

This cover comes in episode four, at another ball. It’s covered by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know

Alanis’ Morissette’s iconic 90s banger You Oughta Know comes at the end of episode five, in the lead up to an electric scene with Anthony and Kate. It’s covered by Duomo.

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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

This song is covered in season two episode six, and performed by Duomo.

Harry Styles – Sign Of The Times

Harry Styles and Bridgerton together is honestly such a treat, and one of the reasons why the season two soundtrack will be tough to ever beat. There’s a wedding in episode six, and as the bride walks down the aisle his hit Sign Of The Times plays, covered by Steve Horner.

Pink – What About Us

Pink’s hit single What About Us is part of the soundtrack in Bridgerton season two episode six. This cover comes from Duomo.

All the modern day pop songs and music that features in the soundtrack of season two of Bridgerton on Netflix

via Netflix

Calvin Harris and Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love

This song is almost too perfect as a classical cover, and it comes in episode seven, performed by Kiris. It is the backing sound of one of the season’s most *hot* scenes.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

The final cover is of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. Performed by the Midnight String Quartet, it appears in episode eight of season two.

A full Spotify playlist of the season two soundtrack of Bridgerton has been created, you can listen to it here.

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