The UK universities supporting Ukrainian students and academics caught up in the war

One university is offering up two halls of residence to house refugees

The war in Ukraine has now been raging for the best part of the month, resulting in around a quarter of the country’s population fleeing their homes. Under the newly announced Homes For Ukraine Scheme, the UK is looking to house hundreds of thousands of refugees, although visa delays seem to already be slowing down the process. Meanwhile, universities up and down the country are cutting ties with Russia and offering support packages for Ukrainian students and academics in the UK, as well as those displaced by the ongoing crisis.

Many universities participate in the Council for At-Risk Academics Fellowship Programme (CARA). According to it’s website, CARA helps academics around the world “who are being forced to flee by the risk of imminent imprisonment, injury or death, and works with them to find them temporary refuge in universities and research institutions until they can one day return home to help re-build better, safer societies.”

Here’s a rundown of everything UK universities are doing to support Ukrainian students and academics who’ve been caught up in the war:

University of Worcester

The University of Worcester plans to offer up two newly refurbished halls of residence to house refugees feeling the war in Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the University of Worcester told Worcester News: “Two halls of residence on our St John’s campus which have recently been refurbished and were therefore vacant, have been immediately re-commissioned and will be offered to provide the emergency housing needed for a reception centre.

“We will cooperate closely with community organisations, the Church of England and other faith bodies, our local authorities and housing associations to create an effective system to ensure that refugees from the Ukraine to our region receive the sanctuary and support they need.”

University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln is offering 20 Ukrainian students the opportunity to transfer to the university to “enable them to continue their study and work, and to live in a welcoming and supportive environment.”

The 15 undergraduates and five postgraduates who are part of the scheme will not have to pay tuition fees and will receive a bursary to cover the cost of their accommodation.

The university is also developing a support package for displace academic staff, allowing them to work at Lincoln and for at least six months.

The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh plans to “host ten at-risk scholars from conflict zones around the world, with a focus on Ukraine as the most pressing issue.”

The uni has also launched a scholarship fund to help displaced students who are seeking asylum to come to Edinburgh.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham will repurpose unused buildings to house Ukrainian refugees displaced by the ongoing conflict.

The uni is also hoping to enable students and academics from Ukraine to transfer and continue their work in Nottingham.

A spokesperson for the university said: “The university has now registered as a provider organisation with Homes for Ukraine, and we are currently assessing suitable accommodation whilst we await further detail from government.

“We are also working on plans to enable students and postgraduate researchers from Ukraine to study with us in the UK, as well as for affected academic staff to continue their research. This may be delivered either via the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) or possibly our own scheme. We will confirm details just as soon as we can.”

Imperial College London

Imperial College London has announced the creation of a new £250,000 fund that “will support students from displaced communities such as asylum seekers and refugees.”

The university hopes to run scholarships from the new academic year.

University College London

UCL has announced an Academic Sanctuary Fellowship Scheme “to support academics being displaced as a result of the crisis in Ukraine following the invasion by the Russian Federation.

The uni has provided £250,000 of funding which has been doubled by a philanthropic donation which will enable more Fellows to join the scheme.

University of York

The University of York is also looking to provide a refuge for displaced Ukrainian academics.

Vice Chancellor Charlie Jeffery wrote to all students: “As a University, we are putting in place additional scholarship provision and other financial support for current and future students affected by the conflict. We will be fundraising so we can do more.”

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