Fired Apprentice candidate Stephanie wants to work with Karren Brady instead of Lord Sugar

And Brittany says Mike’s ‘chalky’ drink ‘didn’t taste even like her recipe’

The interviews episode of The Apprentice is always the most chaotic and dramatic, and last night’s did not disappoint. From Mike saying Brittany’s drink tasted like shit, Stephanie letting slip that she doesn’t have a clue how to authenticate clothes, Harpreet sacking her sister on TV, and Kathryn being told that a high street brand has pyjamas that look pretty identical to hers, it’s safe to say that Lord Sugar’s mates left no stone unturned when grilling the candidates. But there can only be two people in the final – Kathryn and Harpreet are on their way to possible victory, whilst Brittany and Stephanie had to get a taxi home.

Stephanie Affleck has said that whilst she may no longer be in the running to be Lord Sugar’s business partner, she actually wants Apprentice queen herself Karren Brady as her mentor.

“By the way, yes, I absolutely would love to be mentored by Karren Brady,” she told Metro. “This is my campaign for that, let’s get that out there.”

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Fellow fired candidate Brittany Carter has spoken out about the drink Mike had mixed. In The Apprentice, Mike said it was made to her recipe and tasted chalky, but Brittany says her actual recipe for high-protein alcoholic drinks doesn’t taste like that.

She told Metro: “When he had made a recipe for the drink, I was so nervous, but it didn’t taste even like what my recipe was! I don’t know why I didn’t say that.”

Stephanie said she and her fellow candidates were “best of friends”, and being on The Apprentice was like her uni experience.

“Often it was me and Kathryn stuffing our face in the cinema room having naps watching Netflix.

“It wasn’t actually that exciting what would happen behind the scenes and but the thing is, we were not really allowed to watch much TV just in case it could help with the tasks and things like that.

“I didn’t stay in the halls in my uni experience, and in a weird way, it was kind of like my uni experience.”

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Brittany said that she’d been trying not to cry on TV but “fell at the last hurdle”.

“It wasn’t easy at all,” Brittany said. “I remember I said to myself before, don’t cry on TV, don’t cry on TV. I got 10 weeks and then I fell at the last hurdle.

“With Mike, it is very, very testing, because he will pose very difficult questions, and he will not allow you to work your way around the answer. He wants you to be direct.

“It’s almost like he puts you in a position where he knows that you’ve got a flaw and there isn’t anything that you can say and it makes it particularly difficult.”

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