Harpreet’s sister has found out she’s been fired from these 26 Apprentice interview memes

Mike is a savage, end of

The Apprentice interviews were back on our screens last night with a huge bang. The episode was chaotic, savage and gave us all so many belly laughs. What an absolutely front to back shitshow this week’s episode was. The interviews were a disaster and poor Harpreet’s sister was sacked from her own business – not to mention Alan called her an elephant. Twitter lapped every single funny moment up and the memes are just as good as last night’s episode. So here and the best memes and tweets from the interview week of The Apprentice:

1. He’s a savage

2. Not Harpreet disowning her sister on national telly


4. Little bit awkward x

5. Take my money right now

6. The boys are back in town, baby

7. Harpreet’s sister is a national treasure, end of

8. I didn’t know who Brittany was until week seven lol

9. Loooool

10. This man was BRUTAL

11. This man and his dad jokes have too much power

12. Iconic line

13. There’s no way this man is THAT funny

14. This is straight facts

15. Welcome to the Kaur family, Kathryn

16. He needs a pay rise

17. Pyjamas and desserts??? Surely not

18. That was a fake belly laugh

19. Can’t believe Alan just invented the elephant in the room x

20. Stephanie has no clue and we were obsessed

21. Big agree

22. Wrong, crying is always plan A

23. Claude came back as a savage

24. This was too funny

25. Where can I buy tickets? x

26. Mike woke up and chose violence

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