5,000 of you voted: Shake is officially the worst man on Love Is Blind season two

But Shake told The Tab he’s been ‘misunderstood’ and didn’t do anything wrong

It’s safe to say none of the men from Love Is Blind season two were that great – they were pretty much trash. Shayne mistook Natalie for Shaina and threw a strop when he couldn’t hit a baseball (lol), Sal was a constant ick with his guitar, and who could forget *that* convo between Jarrette and Mallory in Mexico?

But one man from Love Is Blind was just the stand-out. Over 5,000 of you voted for the worst man on the show, and the overwhelming majority of votes could only go to one man. That’s right, Shake is officially the worst man from season two of Love Is Blind.

However, Shake has told The Tab he was “misunderstood” and “didn’t do anything wrong”.

“I say what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say,” he said.

Shake got a mind-boggling almost 85 per cent of the votes. Shayne was the runner-up, with over 11 per cent.

Sal, Kyle, Nick and Jarrette all received under 100 votes each. Sal came third with under two per cent of the votes, and Kyle, Nick and Jarrette all received just under one per cent each.

So what exactly did Shake do in Love Is Blind to warrant his share of the votes?

In the pods it seemed like Shake constantly tried to find out what people’s bodies looked like, asking women if they could sit on his shoulders, if they like exercise, and even straight-up asking what size clothes they wear (because he likes buying clothes for women, apparently). People have questioned if Shake knew what show he was signing up for – people go on Love Is Blind to fall in love and marry someone based purely on personality, not looks.

Shake has been called the male embodiment of a red flag – even his mum told him not to marry Deepti if he was going to give her even half a per cent less. In Mexico and the rest of the series, he spent the whole time telling everyone other than Deepti that he didn’t fancy her, even going so far as to compare her to his aunt. It was disrespectful.

Not to mention when he told Deepti he was going to “get her pregnant” the first time they ever met, his bedding that looked like it belongs to a teenage boy, or the fact that he’s in his 30s and still a part-time DJ.

Shake: ‘I say what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say’

Speaking to The Tab, Shake said: “I’m misunderstood. Go back and watch the show, I didn’t do anything wrong but people blew it up because they wanted someone to hate. I’m an easy target.

“The only thing I did wrong was some choice of words and who I decided to confide in. Rather, the private conversations I had were made public. Anyone would look bad in that situation.”

He said: “I’m not afraid to be myself, be honest. I say what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say and that triggers a lot of insecurities.”

Shake is now starting a podcast called (wait for it) Love Is Blurry – see what he did there? He says: “It will cover controversial topics that won’t be politically correct but all through a lens of radical honesty.”

Yesterday Shake posted a video on Instagram, apologising for everything he said behind Deepti’s back on the show. The caption says: “I’m sorry, Deepti. I’m ready to take accountability for my actions and be better. While I’ve reached out privately, I think it’s also important I apologise publicly for the sake of your family and friends that I have upset as well.”

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