Shake Love Is Blind reunion

Just 38 memes of every time Shake opened his mouth during the Love Is Blind reunion

Vanessa putting Shake in his place was an Oscar winning performance

Shake from Love Is Blind sealed his fate as the show’s biggest villain of all time after his performance in the reunion episode. This man has had five minutes of fame and since then he’s been insufferable. We should’ve called it a day the moment he told Deepti he was going to get her pregnant. He has waved bright red flags all the way throughout the second season of Love Is Blind and he genuinely embarrassed himself during the reunion episode.

Every single time Shake opened his mouth in the Love Is Blind reunion episode, a meme was made. Other cast members were visibly distressed at the sight of him even attempting to speak. Even Vanessa, who hosts the show with her husband, flamed Shake’s ass and took him down. Iyanna told him to reach out to a therapist, Nick called him unbearable and Jarette said he had been fake since day one. It’s safe to say the reactions to Shake’s appearance in the Love Is Blind reunion episode have been sensational – here are 38 unshakeable memes.

1. ‘Anytime Shake breathed’ Looooool

2. Exactly this!!!

3. It was so funny

4. ‘How to slap someone through the internet’

5. I can’t decide whether he is brave or just an idiot? Probs idiot x

6. Shayne was trying so hard, they all were

7. He just wouldn’t stop lol

8. Say it LOUDER

9. Did anyone else notice that no one hugged him at the end? Lmao

10. Big cringe

11. I was crying with laughter, the man is clueless

12. Thank god she dodged him

13. Such a beautiful moment, so glad we were able to watch

14. We are all over Shake’s behaviour

15. They’re all so tired

16. Quality TV to be honest

17. So glad we’re all on the same page

18. I was crying with laughter

19. Shake is the ultimate villain

20. He was slamming that ‘More disrespect’ button

21. Vanessa needs a pay rise right now

22. Omg so glad someone else saw it

23. He is simply too much

24. He’s a comedian

25. She is THE moment

26. He’s the most unintentionally funny person ever

27. Iyanna is an icon end of

28. I finally know peace

29. His jaw dropped

30. Omgggg this is so jokes

31. He makes Jessica look normal

32. ‘Get your ass in line’

33. There are so many memes about this specific moment

34. Everyone was so confused

35. ‘More violence’ Lol

36. He’s so over it

37. Looool

38. I’m going to leave you with this final thought

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