Love Is Blind season two reunion memes

Just 31 hilarious memes and reactions from the Love Is Blind season two reunion episode

I lost my mind when Shake said he fancied Vanessa

The reunion episode of Love Is Blind season two was a thousand times more wild than the show itself. Seriously, I am still crying tears of laughter over the thought of everyone being so visibly distressed every time Shake went to speak. The episode was a hot mess, with Natalie and Shayne clearly having a lot left to sort out and Shake telling Vanessa she was the only woman in the room he fancied.

Thankfully we also saw all of the girls hyping up Deepti and we even found out Kyle’s biggest regret was not proposing to her. We did NOT see that coming and Shaina probably didn’t either thanks to her non-stop squinting. Here are all the best memes and reactions to the reunion episode in season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix.

1. ‘They all flame his ass’

2. I lost it when Shake said he fancies Vanessa

3. Twins

4. He will never learn

5. Shake is crying inside, I just know it

6. Give them a pay rise rn

7. He’s so dumb but so funny at the same time

8. Sal’s beard is going to make me act up

9. The man was broken

10. It was better than the series itself tbh

11. Someone make this man stop

12. Shaina is about to be registered blind

13. Just when I thought Kyle couldn’t get any sexier

14. Sal’s song is a bop, end of

15. We should not be agreeing with Shayne but here we are

16. He was shook to the core

17. Looool I’m dead

18. Same, I really thought they weren’t going to make it

19. We must protect these women at all costs

20. I love them all


22. They’re icons end of

23. I’m going to need another episode dedicated to these two

24. I won’t know peace until we find out

25. Looooool this killed me

26. Shake’s head is empty

27. This man looks like he has been through it

28. Iyanna is an icon

29. They all hate him and I love it

30. We were robbed

31. She’s got her shit together

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