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Vote: Once and for all, it’s time to crown the worst man of Love Is Blind season two

I wish I could burn Sal playing the ukulele permanently from my brain

Let’s get one thing straight: The men in Love Is Blind season two are straight-up trash. There was not a single episode of the entire show where you didn’t hate most, if not all, of them. Every so often one of the men would do something to redeem themselves, but by the next episode they would have fucked it again and would be back in the bad books of literally every single person in the world.

Shake was, well, Shake, but all of the other Love Is Blind season two men did some pretty questionable stuff too. Who could forget Shayne thinking Natalie was Shaina, or Jarrette’s weird chat in Mexico with Mallory? And don’t even get me started on the ick that is Sal’s ukulele. Who is the ultimate worst man from Love Is Blind season two? Get ready to cast your votes:

So who was the worst man on Love Is Blind season two?


Right from the word go, Shayne was ringing alarm bells left, right and centre. He’s just a massive man-child tbh. His chats in the pod with Shaina were weird af – and for some reason Shayne was obsessed with crop tops – and then to top it all off he mistook Natalie for Shaina and thought he was talking to the wrong person.

In Mexico and when the couples were living together in Chicago, Shayne really did start to redeem himself and he and Natalie were defo the fan favourite couple – everyone was expecting them to get married. But then on their wedding day, Natalie was really upset and said they’d had a big fight where Shayne had said some hurtful things – so hurtful that she literally went from wanting to marry him to saying “I don’t”.

Another huge red flag was at the bachelor party, when all the guys went to play baseball. Shayne couldn’t hit the ball and he absolutely lost it. Have you ever seen a man that angry? An ego so bruised?


One word: Ukulele. This is the biggest ick in the entire world and it should have made Mallory run for the hills.


love is blind, season two, worst man, red flags, sal, shake, jarrette, shayne, kyle, nick

Oh, Shake. Where to even start? Shake has been called the male embodiment of a red flag and even his mum knows it, telling him not to marry Deepti if he was going to give her even half a per cent less. People go on Love Is Blind to fall in love and marry someone based purely on personality and not looks – did Shake know this before he signed up? In the pods he constantly tried to find out what people’s bodies looked like, asking women if they could sit on his shoulders, if they like exercise, and even straight-up asking what size clothes they wear (because he likes buying clothes for women, apparently). It was such a red flag.

Watching Deepti and Shake meet for the first time made me wish I didn’t have eyes or ears, Shake said “that booty is not safe” and then as soon as they met he said he was going to “get her pregnant”. But then in Mexico and the rest of the series, he spent the whole time telling everyone other than Deepti that he didn’t fancy her, even going so far as to compare her to his aunt. It was so disrespectful and everyone around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief when Deepti decided not to marry him.

But aside from all this, there were some way more petty red flags and downright icks. He’s 32 years old and a part-time DJ alongside being a vet – ew. His bedding looked like it belongs to a teenage boy. And the fact he drives like this and made an explicit point of letting everyone know his car is a Tesla is simply not the vibe.

If anyone deserved to get left at the altar, it was Shake. And then at the Love Is Blind reunion he kept trying to pipe up every other minute with some ridiculous opinion trying to stir stuff up, only for everyone else to shout at him and shit it down. To top it all off, Vanessa having a go at Shake and putting him in his place was an award-worthy performance.


First up, he and Mallory calling each other “Jer Ber” and “Mal Mal” was vomit-inducing. Mallory rejected Jarrette’s proposal and he ended up proposing to Iyanna, but then in Mexico he and Mallory had a VERY sus convo. It was lowkey flirty and he insulted the silver ring Sal had got Mallory, saying that he knew she’d wanted gold instead and he would have got her a gold one. It was downright disrespectful and rude to both Iyanna and Sal.

In the reunion episode Iyanna was clearly very hurt, and Jarrette and Mallory apologised for their “inappropriate” conversation.


love is blind, season two, worst man, red flags, sal, shake, jarrette, shayne, kyle, nick

This man can sweat more than anyone else I have ever witnessed. Nick, I say this directly to you – are you okay? Nick is the only other Love Is Blind guy who ended up getting married and has now been with Danielle for almost a year. In the show Nick was a bit of a wet blanket and didn’t do that much. He and Danielle did have some pretty bad arguments, but in the reunion episode said that since filming and just being in real life, lots of their issues have been resolved.


Poor Kyle. He made what was arguably a horrible decision in asking Shaina to marry him, and then after his PAINFUL meeting with her family she dramatically dumped him because he wasn’t Christian.

Kyle said in the reunion that he loves Deepti and regrets not proposing to her in the pods – another horrible decision. But now there are rumours flying around that the two of them are dating, and Kyle and Deepti themselves have all but confirmed it with some verrrrry telling social media posts.

Now vote for who was ultimately the worst man on Love Is Blind season two:

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