Everything we learned so far from Molly-Mae’s PLT fashion show documentary

Molly-Mae used her 24 hours to be in charge of the show’s appetisers and drinks menu x

PrettyLittleThing has just released the first episode of “PLT By Molly-Mae – The Documentary”, which shows a look behind the scenes of Molly-Mae’s job as a Creative Director, and shows the planning that went into the PLT fashion show that protestors gathered outside.

Molly-Mae has announced her first memoir at the ripe old age of 22, but alongside that she’s used her 24 hours in a day to star in a documentary for PLT. In case you didn’t want to watch it yourself, here’s everything that happened in PLT By Molly-Mae – The Documentary, episode one:

They legit just searched ‘I love Molly-Mae’ on Twitter to find positive tweets about her for the doc

When they start talking about Molly-Mae in the documentary, a load of tweets flash up on the screen about her. You can see from the bold words in at least two of the tweets that PLT literally just searched “I love Molly-Mae” to find these. Lol.

See it here:

via PLT YouTube

Molly-Mae is apparently easy to work with

Gemma Dunne, PLT’s buying director, says that Molly-Mae is easy to work with. She says: “Working with Molly has been so easy. She is so in-tune with what works for her, what she loves, what she likes, what she doesn’t like, which makes our job so much easier.”

Molly-Mae says that days working in the office are her favourite days. “I love going in to the office and really just getting in to things. I can just go in, switch off and just focus on the job in hand and everything we need to be getting on with.” She also says she feels “honoured and blessed to be given this opportunity”, describing it as a “pinch-me moment”.

via PLT YouTube

PLT was originally just for accessories???

The documentary says PLT originally launched in 2012 as an “accessories-only retailer” – who knew? Since then, it says PLT has become one of the fastest-growing fast fashion businesses in the world.

Molly-Mae was in charge of the DJ, food and drink

In the documentary, PLT marketing director Nicki Capstick sits Molly-Mae down and tells her everything she needs to sort for the show. It is: Venue suggestions, creative inspiration, afterparty DJ, a performer, drinks list, appetisers and food. Nicki says this is “all on” Molly to sort.

Molly-Mae says this is “huge” and “on a whole other scale” to anything she’s done before. It kind of just sounds like what you’d have to do if you were having a boujee birthday pres.

The show was apparently ‘more sophisticated’ than anything PLT had ever done

via PLT YouTube

Someone who works for PLT says in the doc: “There’s so many eyes on us now, more than ever before. We cannot fail. We need to top everything that we’ve ever done before, this is more sophisticated, it’s high-end, and let’s not forget we’ve got our new Creative Director on board”. Yes, that’s Molly-Mae.

Molly says it’s “huge” for PLT to “align” itself alongside high-end brands that are in Fashion Week, with its own show.

Btw, Molly-Mae’s PLT fashion event had absolutely nothing to do with London Fashion Week

The documentary mentions Fashion Week three times within the first minute. Granted, it doesn’t directly say it’s part of Fashion Week, but just in case you were confused – the PLT show absolutely wasn’t anything to do with London Fashion Week.

At the time of the PLT show, everyone had been assuming it was part of the official London Fashion Week lineup, but the official LFW website said the event started on February 18th – two days after the PLT fashion show. PLT has since clarified that the event being held during London Fashion Week doesn’t mean it’s on the official schedule.

At the time, a spokesperson from PLT said: “Molly-Mae is showcasing a collection she has designed for PLT on Wednesday 16 February in London. This is a runway show she has produced alongside the PLT team. She will be present at the show as will the team.”

If you wanted to see it for yourself, you can watch episode one of the PLT By Molly-Mae documentary here:

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