Btw Molly-Mae’s PLT fashion event had absolutely nothing to do with London Fashion Week

This is awkward lol

Last month, PLT announced a Molly-Mae fashion event in London during London Fashion Week. The event took place two days ago and pretty much everyone was successfully fooled into thinking PrettyLittleThing and Molly-Mae kick started one of the biggest fashion events in the world.

It all started when PrettyLittleThing tweeted this photo of Molly-Mae on 20 January and captioned it with “London Fashion Week we ready”. Since then we’ve all been assuming Molly-Mae’s runway event was part of the official London Fashion Week line up.

Slowly people are realising Molly-Mae and PLT had no part in London Fashion Week. One person tweeted: “Good to see Molly-Mae using her 24-hours to hold a fashion show for PLT but making it seem like it was for London Fashion Week”. The official London Fashion Week website states the event starts today on February 18 2022. PLT has since clarified that the event being held during London Fashion Week doesn’t mean it’s on the official schedule.

A spokesperson from PLT said: “Molly-Mae is showcasing a collection she has designed for PLT on Wednesday 16 February in London. This is a runway show she has produced alongside the PLT team. She will be present at the show as will the team.”

Molly-Mae initially shared on Instagram : “Get ready London Fashion Week… we’re coming @prettylittlething !!!” However she has since had to edit it and clarify while PLT will be holding an event, it will not be part of the official London Fashion Week schedule. The post was updated to align communications with the British Fashion Council.

Even Chloe Sims from The Only Way Is Essex tweeted saying she was front row for the Molly-Mae and PLT London Fashion Week show. To be honest, it is quite a big ick thinking about how many people went to a fast fashion runway event thinking it was in London Fashion Week.

The revelation that Molly-Mae had no part in London Fashion Week comes after protestors gathered outside her event. One of the leading protestors (alongside ex-Love Islander Brett Stainland) Venetia La Manna, told The Tab they staged a protest because they believe “PLT is a highly exploitative brand that doesn’t pay its workers support unions and that doesn’t care about the planet.”

A spokesperson from PrettyLittleThing said “Any suggestion that the people making clothes for PLT or any other boohoo group PLC brand are paid lower than the minimum wage is grossly inaccurate.

“We publish a list of all our approved UK and international manufacturers, all of whom have been audited over the last 18 months, and we do not tolerate any non-compliance with our supplier Code of Conduct. We operate a whistleblowing hotline so people can share any concerns they may have and we work with relevant government agencies to ensure the people who make our clothes have their rights in the workplace protected.”

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