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Becoming Molly-Mae: Everything we know so far about Molly-Mae’s autobiography

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Last night Molly-Mae casually dropped the fact she has been writing her debut book over the past year, Becoming Molly-Mae drops on June 9.

On Instagram she said she promises to take her over-sharing to a new extreme with her book. On her Instagram story last night she said: “I have been keeping a huge project a secret for well over a year now. I’ve written my very own book. This is Becoming Molly-Mae, my first ever book. This is my baby. We have honestly put so many months of work into this book, you have no idea.”

She then says how writing a book is something she’s always wanted to do and it’s been a huge dream of hers. Molly-Mae also revealed she has spoken about things in this book that she’s only told close family members and friends. Apparently readers can expect the full behind the scenes of her life.

The first paragraph of her book description says: “Molly-Mae is no stranger to the limelight, having found fame on TV and online. But behind the polished exterior there is a young girl with a unique story. It’s the Molly not everyone gets to see.”

Then as we get into the second paragraph we learn Molly-Mae’s book is going to talk about her creativity, how she took ownership and “battle self-doubt” which is actually a typo in her official description. But we can’t blame Molly, she only has 24-hours in a day and we can’t expect her to do everything. Anyway, carrying on with the description, the book is also going to talk about the moments, relationships and life lessons that have made her who she is. “From the energetic child who loved Irish dancing and pageants, to the teenager holding down a job at Boots whilst building her dreams at fashion school, her journey to Love Island and how she copes with fame today,” it continues.

The book will cost £20 and is available to preorder here from multiple sites. The reactions to the book have been mixed so far. One person said: “I like Molly-Mae but I don’t understand why she has brought out a book about how she became Molly-Mae. She literally went on Love Island then got famous.” Whilst someone in the replies to that tweet said Molly-Mae has worked really hard for this book deal. They said: “She was working her way up even before Love Island. If you guys actually watch her interview and not just a clip, you’ll understand it a bit more. Love Island gave her a booster – if you were given the opportunity would you say no? She’s worked hard for this.”

Of course we also have some very good memes, one person said: “Molly-Mae writing a book, why aren’t you? We all have the same 26 letters in the alphabet.”

Another person on Twitter picked up on Molly-Mae’s dodgy typing. Molly-Mae posted this photo last night with the caption: “I could cry with exciting that I’ve finally been able to tell you all” – classic Molly.

Another person said Molly-Mae “loves to act like Love Island didn’t make her entire career”. I wonder if we will get a 24-hour long audio book to go with it?

You can preorder Becoming Molly-Mae here.

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