These are all the unanswered questions I still have after the chaotic Euphoria finale

Warning: Major spoilers ahead

The Euphoria season finale premiered last night, and to put it lightly, I have questions. The season’s eight episodes introduced more plot lines, some of which were resolved and some of which really… weren’t.

So, what actually happened to the third Jacobs son? Is Maddy leaving East Highland? And is this it for Rue and Jules? I need answers and I need them now Sam Levinson!

Here are all the unanswered questions we have after the Euphoria season two finale. Warning, there are some major spoilers ahead.

What happened to the third Jacobs son?

In the season one, viewers first saw the Jacobs family photograph, showing Cal, Marsha, Nate, Nate’s brother Jason and a mystery third son who is never seen on screen. This missing son hasn’t been referenced at all during the first or second season by any of the characters.

After the first season, fans speculated that the missing Jacobs son could be Ashtray – this theory was soon put to rest in season two, where Ashtray is seen coming into Fez’s care as a baby (the missing Jacobs son is an older child in the photograph).

Whatever happened to him, it seems weird that none of the family members have mentioned him throughout the show, especially since Cal took the picture with him when he left – now that he’s is in jail and Marsha is living her best life, it seems unlikely that there’ll ever be an answer.

How will Rue pay Laurie back?

Although Rue is sober and happy at the end of season two, the fact that she owes Laurie thousands of dollars for drugs still looms. The drugs she borrowed from Laurie were flushed down the toilet by her mum, so Rue is left with nothing to sell. So how will she pay Laurie back? And what will happen to her if she doesn’t?

The only chance Rue seems to have of escaping her debts is the fact that Faye told the police that Laurie murdered Mouse, however I’m not too hopeful that this will lead to Laurie’s arrest after Fez’s arrest at the end of the finale.

What’s behind the door in Laurie’s apartment?

In the fifth episode of the season, Rue goes to Laurie’s house to partially pay her back. From behind a padlocked door, viewers can hear scratching and crying sounds. So who, or what, is behind the door?

Given the fact that Laurie tells Rue that she’ll sell her to some “real sick people” if she screws her over, it’s hinted at that Laurie is in the business of trafficking girls. Therefore, it’s likely that whoever is behind the door is someone she intends to sell. I just hope Rue doesn’t meet the same fate.

Why was Maddy being filmed?

After one of Maddy’s dress up sessions whilst baby sitting for Samantha, she left the jewellery drawer in the closet open. The next time she babysat, a hidden camera could be seen in the alarm clock, watching her undress.

So, why was Samantha filming Maddy? Was it just because she was suspicious of her stealing from her closet, or did she have more sinister intentions? Given the flirtatious nature of their interactions I’d be tempted to believe the latter.

Is Maddy leaving East Highland?

In a discussion with Samantha where Maddy reveals she won’t be able to babysit for her any more, it is heavily implied that Maddy is leaving East Highland. However, this isn’t discussed any more throughout the season, so the future of her character in season three is left uncertain.

So, will Maddy leave? She still hasn’t finished high school, so she can’t exactly just up and go. More importantly, if she does leave, will this mean Alexa Demie will be written out of the show? I think we can all agree that would be a tragic loss, for the makeup looks if nothing else.

Who was Kat’s mysterious viewer?

Kat’s storyline has been less than satisfactory this season and I can probably count the amount of screen time in minutes that Barbie Ferreira had on two hands.

Nothing from her season one storyline was really revisited, so we’re still left with the mystery of the identity of her black screened OnlyFans viewer. Some fans have theorised that it was Nate, or even Ethan who stalked her pre-relationship.

Given Kat’s lack of storyline this season though, I’m not hopeful we’ll ever get an answer. Barbie Ferreira definitely deserves more screen time in season three – bring back season one Kat!

Is Fez dead?

If you say you weren’t crying in the scene where Fez’s house was raided by police, you’re lying.

Ashtray’s fate was sealed with him being shot in the head by police but Fez’s was a little bit more ambiguous. He was shot in the stomach, and was alive when the police arrested him, but had lost a lot of blood.

Even if he’s not dead, he’ll being going to prison for murder charges, so it looks like we won’t be seeing any more of him and Lexi’s romance. Fexi forever.

Is this it for Rue and Jules?

After breaking up, getting back together and breaking up again, it seems like this is finally the end for Rue and Jules.

In her final monologue, Rue describes Jules as her “first love” though she was “high for most of it” and is talking from the future, after the school year has finished. Therefore, it is likely their relationship is over and they don’t get back together after reconciling at Lexi’s show.

However, many fans think that Rue and Jules’ relationship is the central plot thread that will run through the whole of Euphoria, so they surely must get back together. Given the rocky nature of their relationship in the past seasons, it’s probably better if they just don’t.

The worst part about these unanswered questions is it looks like I might have to wait two years for answers – hopefully it’ll go fast.

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