Quiz: Which Euphoria girl are you?

Lexi girls are the real winners here

After a two year wait, the much anticipated second season of Euphoria is here. Whilst we can’t all agree on shipping Cassie and Nate or whether or not vape girl will get her own episode, there is one thing we can agree on – and no, it’s not how gorgeous Fezco is. We have all, at least once, wondered which Euphoria girl we’re the most like.

Maybe you think you’re a Maddy, because you own a Jaded London co-ord which you proudly wear to your hometown club, or maybe you think you’re Rue because you tried ket once at an afters. For some people it runs deeper than that, and they theorise that they’re a Kat sun, with a Jules moon and Lexi rising.

Luckily, we’ve devised a quiz that’ll tell you exactly which Euphoria girl you are. Answer honestly, or it’s a bit of a waste of time – there’s no point in purposely choosing Maddy directed answers when in you’re heart, you’re a Cassie. If you do get the answer you desire though, share it with your friends and have them take it. For funsies.

Take this quiz to find out which Euphoria girl you are:

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