A rejected proposal and more engagements: What we didn’t see in the Love Is Blind pods

Netflix, release the clips!!!

So far, season two of Love Is Blind has been pretty wild – but what if I said there was even more drama that the show missed out? We might only be at the pods section of this series, with so much more to come, but already there has been so much drama it hasn’t all fit into the episodes.

From additional proposals to someone getting rejected for their hand in marriage, a lot more has gone on that we haven’t seen. Here’s a rundown of everything we’ve missed out on in season two of Love Is Blind so far. Strap in!

Joey and Caitlin got engaged but their relationship wasn’t shown

Everything that was missed out of pods and dating section of Love Is Blind season two

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Earlier this week, Joey and Caitlin posted on Instagram to say they found love in the series, but have since split up after filming Love Is Blind together. Their dates and proposal weren’t shown, but Joey said he and Caitlin “vibed from their first pod date”, fell in love and ended up getting engaged. “We are no longer together, but absolutely fell in love blindly,” he said in the Instagram post.

Caitlin added: “Although we ultimately chose to go our separate ways recently, we are choosing to remain friends and he will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Jason and Kara also got engaged

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Jason and Kara have also revealed they got engaged in the pods, but their relationship wasn’t shown. They have also since broken up, but said their relationship was “authentic” and they fell in love in the pods. In an Instagram post, Jason shared some cute snaps of them together and said Kara is “one of the most charismatic, loving and supportive people I’ve ever met”. He said he got goosebumps when he saw her and proposed on the red carpet of Love Is Blind and their love was real and the experience was “rewarding and meaningful”.

Natalie was proposed to by someone else!!!

Everything that was missed out of pods and dating section of Love Is Blind season two

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In an interview, Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen has spilled the tea that Natalie was proposed to by someone else, but she rejected him and chose Shayne instead. “There were people who you see on the show who were really significantly interested in other people,” he said. “There was another guy who – very, very early on – was really interested in Natalie and basically proposed to her. It was very out of the blue but he just felt like he knew, and she was like, ‘This is just weird’. She didn’t have any deep feelings for him but he had developed very significant feelings for her. Anyway, she said no and he left, and that was that.”

He added: “Again, you only have so much bandwidth within a show and I think it’s a fascinating story, but because we’re focused on more of her story… I think for her it was less significant. It was like, ‘Why is this guy doing this?’ versus ‘Oh my god, I really have serious feelings for him’. He had serious feelings for her, she was like, ‘No, I’m not interested in this guy.’ To tell that story properly would have taken up a lot of time that we didn’t have.”

There were lots more dates we didn’t see including couples having movie nights in the pods

Everything that was missed out of pods and dating section of Love Is Blind season two

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The show’s creator has previously said we don’t get to see all cast members on their dates, which is why some people appear in the cast but we never see anything of them. “There was a certain point where we did a whittling down of people just to focus internally on the people who were really connecting, to allow them more time,” Chris Coelen said.

However, speaking to the Metro, he has revealed just some of the date content we missed out on this season. He’s said there was a whole range of different date activities going on, including takeaways, mini golf and movie nights in the pods. “Let’s say you wanted to watch a movie together, we would bring in a monitor and they could watch the same movie simultaneously,” he said. “Or [if they say] ‘We want to order Mexican food tonight’, or Chinese food, or whatever, we’ll bring it in for them.”

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