what's happening with kanye west

In case you were wondering, here’s a timeline of everything Kanye West got up to at the weekend

He’s been a busy boy x

Look, if you’re wondering what’s happening with Kanye West at the moment, I don’t blame you. He’s posted and deleted more times than a 13-year-old emo trying to find the right song lyrics to match their mood.

Over the last year alone; he was served divorce papers by Kim Kardashian, started dating actress Julia Fox *and* watched his millionaire ex-wife shack up with everybody’s fave rebound, Pete Davidson. A social media meltdown was always on the cards, wasn’t it?

This weekend (11th February), he posted quite a lot of sweary, caps-locky things about Pete, Kim, Hillary Clinton (??), Kid Cudi (the guy who sang the “now look at this” song), Billie Eilish… well, the list goes on. Somehow in the middle of it all, he found time to go to the Superbowl, livestream his weekly Sunday Service and premier a McDonald’s ad – giving Louis Theroux a run for his money with the weirdest weekend of all.

I’m not here to cast judgement, condone the memes or chime in about his mental wellbeing – I’m just reporting the facts. So if you need filling in, here’s a comprehensive timeline of absolutely everything Kanye got up to at the weekend:

Friday afternoon – Kanye demands an apology from Billie Eilish and threatens to boycott Coachella

what's happening with kanye west?

During one of her live shows, Billie kindly helped an asthmatic fan out by stopping the set to make sure they were able to use an inhaler. She then called security to help them get some air. In fairness, she didn’t actually mention Travis Scott by name. But when she was overheard saying, “I wait for people to be okay before I keep going,” some interpreted it as a dig towards the Astroworld disaster.

Catching wind of this, Kanye then posted an all-caps accusatory statement on Instagram, demanding Billie “apologise to Trav and… the families of the people who lost their lives.”

He threatened to boycott Coachella unless Billie said sorry. Doubling down in a comment, the 20-year-old singer said: “Literally never said a thing about Travis. Was just helping a fan.”

Saturday afternoon – Kanye drops Kid Cudi from his latest album, Donda

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In another Instagram post, the Monster rapper randomly picked on Kid Cudi. I don’t think anyone’s sure who “you know who” is, but fans have assumed the line either refers to Billie (there’s a 24 year age gap between the two, in case you were wondering) or Pete Davidson.

Cudi was having none of it, calling Ye a “fuckin dinosaur” and claiming to be the best part of all his previous albums. Money doesn’t buy common sense for either of them it seems!!

Sunday morning: Marvelgate

kanye west

AKA the introduction of “Skete.”

Kanye transcended the barrier between reputable artist and Elon Musk-level shitposter when he decided to PicsArt his way into more celeb beef. Apparently Julia Fox, Future, Drake and Travis are all on his team, whereas Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson and Kim are… the rivals? The enemies? I just… I don’t know anymore.

Sunday morning – Kanye calls Pete a ‘dickhead’ and accuses him of dating Hillary Clinton

pete davidson

So, Pete – or Skete, I guess? – got a tattoo of former First Lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after she lost the election to Donald Trump in 2016. Kanye reckons this means they’ve done the dirty and, like a year 10 schoolboy, decided to taunt the comedian about it on a public platform.

Although, I don’t know, I feel like being called a “dickhead” by Kanye West would be a pretty cool thing to pop on the CV.

Sunday afternoon – Kanye West definitely hasn’t been hacked

what's happening with kanye west

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(Psst, Kanye. Blink twice if someone’s making you say that).

Kanye confirmed in a now-deleted (let’s face it. *All* these posts are now deleted) Insta post that he definitely hasn’t been hacked. This is him. All him.

Sunday afternoon – Kanye uses Mac Miller and Ariana Grande to make ‘Skete’ look bad


Fan wars raged on as Kanye shared a (debunked) story about Pete Davidson allegedly sending “intimate” photos of Ariana to her ex, Mac Miller, before he died. He captioned it with a simple, “NO COMMENT.”

“Bringing Mac Miller and Ariana into this is so disrespectful oh my god,” one person tweeted. “Leave Mac Miller alone,” said another.

Sunday afternoon: Kanye says he’ll never let ‘Skete’ near the kids

what's happening with kanye west

Under a photo of Pete and Machine Gun Kelly in their underwear, Kanye said: “NO YOU WILL NEVER MEET MY CHILDREN.”

The celebrity beef toll is now at eight.

Sunday afternoon: Kanye takes a brief break for Sunday Service

Kanye took a break from posting to livestream his weekly Sunday Service – in which church-goers watch his choir sing songs about Jesus (and the occasional Kanye cover). It seemed relatively drama-free – except when his kids started poking the choir singers just because they could. Obsessed.

Sunday evening: Kanye and North attend the Superbowl

Insiders say the rapper was booed when he arrived – and no-one knows why he was wearing that full-face covering TBQH. His McDonald’s ad also premiered during the game, which he later posted on Insta – but not before deleting absolutely everything else.

Sunday night: Julia Fox deletes all photos of the pair together and heads home

what's happening with kanye west

By the way – she was NOT crying at the airport. No-one wants you to know that more than her. She was just sweaty, okay?

After speaking candidly on the Call Her Daddy podcast last week about being Kanye’s “muse,” it looks like things are officially over between the pair. After Kanye’s three-day rant, Julia deleted pretty much every trace of him from her social media, as well as liking one of Kim’s recent Instagram posts.

Earlier today (14th February), Kanye posted another statement, speaking openly about how he’s still “in love” with Kim and wants his family back. “Scream at the top of your lungs and say KimYe forever,” he said.

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