Build a celebrity friend group and we’ll tell you if you’ll be single this Valentine’s Day

Sorry in advance if you get ‘it’s complicated’ x

No one wants to be single on Valentine’s Day. It is, scientifically, one of the worst days of the year to be alone. All your mates in loved-up relationships are absolutely sickening, with a whole weekend of plans to celebrate and a stash of presents they keep banging on about how excited they are to give their partner. Vom.

When you’re single on Valentine’s Day you can try and make the best of it by having a fun night with your single mates, but you just KNOW you’ll end up with at least one person crying, one being sick and another trying to text their ex.

And the thing about celebrities is, every single one of them has a very distinct aura. Regardless of their relationship status, every single one of them gives off a vibe of single, coupled-up or in a perpetual state of “it’s complicated”. For example, Camilla from Love Island is the epitome of “in a relationship”, whilst Gemma Collins absolutely radiates fun single energy, and Harry Styles is so mysterious he just has to be “it’s complicated”.

The rules of this quiz are simple – build a celebrity friendship group from your hand-picked celeb and influencer faves, and based on your choices we’ll tell you what your relationship status will be this V Day.

Take this quiz now to see if you’ll be single or coupled up this Valentine’s Day:

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