These 11 emojis are officially icks and if you use them you need to be stopped

If you actually use the cry laughing emoji, sort yourself out

Picture the scene: You’re out and you meet someone. They’re fit af and the two of you hit it off straight away. You start talking literally all day long and your stomach flips when you get a new notification. Mentally you’re planning the wedding, honeymoon and what dogs you’re going to get. Then one day you open up WhatsApp to see “hey babe 😘 😉 “. Oh no. You gag, the colour drains from your face the second you see the two dreaded emojis, and you have no choice but to end things immediately and move to Spain. Emoji icks are a very, VERY real thing.

If you haven’t ever been put off by someone’s use of an emoji, I’m sorry but you’re lying to both me and yourself. The way someone texts can tell you SO much about them (as we all know, a “haha” person is verrrry different to a “lmao” person), but emojis are absolutely the most important part of any message. One wrong move of an emoji can turn a fun or flirty message into someone who is simply nothing but a walking, talking, big ball of icks. And it doesn’t have to just be from someone romantic – emoji icks don’t discriminate, and your friend, housemate, or even your mum could give you it.

These 11 emojis are all officially icks and you need to stop using them right now:

Crying laughing 😂

No grown adult should use this, unless you are over the age of 65 and have only just graduated from using your brick phone. If you use this, I am going to assume you’re a catfish and your real identity is either an actual grandad who types using solely your index finger, or a teenager who exists solely on Snapchat.

Rolling crying laughing 🤣

A level up from the normal crying laughing emoji, but seven thousand times worse, this is the stuff of actual nightmares. If I could set this emoji on fire, I would.

All three monkeys 🙈 🙉 🙊

Look, they’re not cute and they’re not fun. If you work in some kind of monkey sanctuary and are telling me about which monkeys you looked after today, fine. If you are David Attenborough and are telling me about your latest monkey documentary, also fine. If you’re literally anyone else? Get the fuck away from me.

Wink 😉

If you’re trying to be fun and sexy, there is literally nothing less fun or sexy than this wink emoji. I will take nothing you say seriously if it’s accompanied by a wink.

Smirk 😏

This has the energy of a fresher who plays for the rugby team and whom you unfortunately find on Tinder. His age is set to 23 but his bio says “I’m actually 19 ha ha idk why it says that” and “7’5 because apparently that matters”. It also features no less than three smirk emojis, and if you accidentally swipe right he will immediately ask for your Snapchat.

That smile that looks dead inside 🙂

Why is its smile so small? Why do its eyes look so blank? It’s unnerving and honestly just makes anything you say sound passive aggressive. “Hi guys just want to let you know I’ve just spent ages cleaning the hob, let’s all try and keep the kitchen tidy now 🙂 ” vibes. A big no-no.

Devil 😈

Possibly the worst of all the emoji icks. What does this even MEAN? What are you trying to prove if you use it??? There is absolutely no acceptable situation in which anyone should use this. Ever.

Kissy kissy 😘

The kissing face is just Facebook mum energy, and the wink just makes it infinitely worse. When you type “xx” and your phone autocorrects to this emoji it is genuinely hell on Earth. And then you have to go through a horrific few seconds when your blood runs cold and you have to figure out how to let the person know that you actually didn’t mean it. Horrific.

Eyes 👀

What 👀  are 👀  you 👀  looking 👀  at 👀 👀 👀 👀 ? Go away.

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